The Benefits of Inventory Management with CMMS Software

Managing the maintenance of a facility can be highly challenging. Fortunately, Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) can help improve efficiency of maintenance departments of all sizes. Integrating CMMS software is so effective because it prevents the occurrence of maintenance issues that lead to costly repairs.

This puts the emphasis where it belongs—on proactive maintenance, rather than on reactive maintenance. It is always better for facilities to be prepared for the future than for potential issues to arise. This type of approach reduces maintenance costs and ensures equipment is kept in good order. Overall, there are several benefits to inventory management with CMMS software.




Better Data, Better Insight

The primary function of CMMS software is to provide management with insight into maintenance needs. This includes accurate inventory forecasts, comprehensive reports, and detailed work order schedules. CMMS software tracks data over time, providing businesses with detailed insight into what’s working best and what can be improved.

One of the biggest benefits of CMMS software for inventory managers is having the ability to recognize patterns and make decisions based on those findings. Processing such a large volume of data would be difficult with traditional software techniques and databases. CMMS is able to successfully capture this data and translate it into something meaningful.

That data can then be used to help improve operations, help management make quicker, more intelligent business decisions, and increase profit. According to Facilities Net, this data can also help managers identify parts that technicians use frequently and understand which parts go unused and can be eliminated. This helps them keep minimum and maximum stock levels and better pinpoint accurate reorder points.


Manage Work Orders and Spare Parts

CMMS allows maintenance managers to stay organized and easily locate the parts they need. Not only can managers track the assets they need whenever they need them, but they can set up automatic reordering for parts, and therefore always have the right spare parts on deck for quick repairs. With CMMS software, managers will also know the exact location of those spare parts. There will be no need for manual searches through different stockrooms.

Additionally, CMMS improves workflow by allowing managers to assign, schedule, and close work orders easily. Managers can configure work order screens using desired fields, capture the history associated with each piece of equipment, and automatically track each work order in the system.


Location Tracking

CMMS software keeps track of each product using real-time inventory tracking. This makes location transfers especially easy to manage, and locating equipment is simpler than ever. This is also makes work order transfers more manageable, because the software updates the location of each item automatically.


Low-Inventory Alerts

Getting low on inventory is a management disaster. To prevent an inventory fiasco, CMMS delivers low-inventory alerts to maintain great inventory control. CMMS software closely monitors your current inventory levels and reorder points, so you’re always on track with what’s in stock. This means management no longer has to keep close watch on what’s low, and can focus their efforts on more productive matters in the business.



Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Regulatory agencies routinely require maintenance managers to submit material in accordance with periodic audits or inspections. With CMMS, managers can easily show regulatory compliance. What’s more, they won’t have to spend an overwhelming amount of time preparing the required paperwork. They can generate reports automatically to demonstrate the work performed on vital machinery. This type of compliance keeps a thorough paper trail and reduces the risk of penalties.


Less Equipment Downtime

It’s not uncommon for large facilities to run into issues with heavy machinery. However, the longer equipment is down, the less money the facility makes and the less efficient it becomes. With quick repairs, all machinery will run efficiently, and the aforementioned benefits and features of CMMS make this possible. Any parts critical to repairs will always be in stock and easy to locate. In short, CMMS software dramatically reduces downtime.