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Phone Tracker Tools: Can You Use Them in Your Business?

Phone Tracker Tools: Can You Use Them in Your Business?

Do you use phone tracker tools in your business? There are plenty of good reasons to do so. For instance, you might want to keep track of expensive equipment in the field. Additionally, parents sometimes use them to monitor their children’s activities outside of the home. However, if you plan to use them in your business, there are some issues surrounding their use that you need to be aware of. This article explores some of them.




Law Enforcement Uses them to Track Criminals

Initially, phone tracker tools were designed to be used by the military in its foreign investigations, but they are now also used in civilian life as well. Today, police officers use tools such as StingRay cell site simulators to smoke out criminals.


How the StingRay Phone Tracker System Works

Phone tracker tools use StingRay technology, developed by the Harris Corporation. As small as a suitcase, they are usually installed in roaming vehicles and airplanes, and they locate cell phones in a given area. But how does Stingray technology work?

To begin with, these tools impersonate the cell phone towers that private companies deploy. The counterfeit relay in turn tricks a mobile phone into divulging its location. In this way, the handset opens the door for the tracking system to access the contents of a mobile device’s voice call and text message details. That’s why there are some some ethical and legal concerns about the use of these tools.



Legal Protections for Civilians

On the other hand, United States law requires that all state officers have to obtain warrants before they can use this technology. That means they have to go before a judge before they will be allowed to use them. If they don’t have a warrant, then federal judges have a legal obligation throw out any evidence against a suspect in a court of law.


The Debate Continues

Law enforcers and human rights advocates still argue about whether it’s all right for strangers to track people’s phones. Even if people track others they know, there are those who maintain that a person still has a right to privacy, even if that person has been accused of wrongdoing.

These legal technicalities mean that you need to be discreet in the ways you use your phone tracking apps. Begin by purchasing from credible sellers like Mspy to ensure you will be a smart user who will not land on the wrong side of the law.