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The Ideal Business Outing: Take Your Employees on a Hike

Business outings aren’t some new, revolutionary invention. However, the ordinary business outing could sure use some variation and originality.

Many workplaces embrace the concept of office colleagues spending time with each other outside the office itself. That’s great, but where would you go, and why?

We propose that for your next business outing, you take your employees on an office hike. Hikes have great health benefits, and having a healthy crew is very important. It’s all about staying in shape and promoting a healthy lifestyle. So what exactly would an office hike bring to the table aside from the obvious team building and fitness benefits?


Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is common even in younger people. It’s no longer something encountered only at old age. That being said, it’s important to do whatever you can to prevent tragedies. Hikes help tremendously with forestalling heart disease, thanks to the immense benefits they bring to your cardiovascular system.

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Help Employees Lose Weight

Extra weight is the source of multiple health risks. However, not only is it a health hazard, but it also sometimes encourages less than acceptable behavior from certain team members. This can happen when someone’s weight becomes the subject of ridicule, either overtly or covertly. One way to prevent these hurtful and improper behaviors at the office is by implementing office hikes. This type of business outing will not only help overweight team members to lose weight, it will also encourage more camaraderie among the entire staff.

A united office is a strong office, but it’s up to the leader to find ways of inspiring exemplary office conduct among colleagues. A business outing that consists of an office hike could influence better behavior.

Improve Office Morale

If all your employees are unhappy, and there’s an overall sense of low morale at the office, you might be getting a hint as to why this quarter’s numbers aren’t looking so great. People are more likely to be productive and efficient when they’re feeling satisfied and happy. A business outing of an office hike just might be in order.

Hiking promotes a more positive attitude. While that’s the case for all types of workouts, hiking in particular not only gives everyone a nice jolt of feel-good brain chemicals, being in the outdoors also promotes an overall sense of well being. Besides, hiking just happens to be one of the best forms of cardiovascular workout.

 Shape the Body

With regular and frequent hiking trips, it won’t be long before your employees punch in looking leaner, and well, just great. Each person will feel better about themselves, and this in turn will boost office morale tenfold.

This will have an amazingly positive effect on the atmosphere of the office overall. Furthermore, if your work environment is open to the public, your business will benefit enormously. Whether they realize it consciously or not, customers will be drawn to the happy faces and attractive bodies that will soon populate your office.


Instead of the usual boring trip that no one really wants to go on, consider taking your office crew on a hiking trip. It’s good both for physical exercise and promoting camaraderie. Best of all, everyone’s thinking will be clearer, and innovative ideas will come naturally to all team members. It’s difficult to imagine another office outing solution that provides all these benefits in such an exciting and adventurous package.