The Best Ways to Begin Marketing Your Startup

The entrepreneurial dream of starting a company or business is one that many people have from the time they’re very young. Once you’ve achieved that goal, it’s time to develop a clever marketing plan. Only then will your business achieve its goals and more.

Of course, the problem that many startups experience is that they don’t have much of a budget for marketing in the early days. However, some of the most effective marketing techniques don’t require much capital.

It’s also important to know what not to do. That’s why MDG Advertising created this informative infographic, 5 Big Marketing Budget Mistakes to Avoid. Here we offer some other tips for promoting your company in its startup stages.




Understand Your Niche

No matter where you plan to market your business, there is little chance of success if you haven’t clearly defined the reason that your business exists. Just telling people that you sell this or that won’t cut it. You have to show why you felt the product or service was necessary in the current business climate. State clearly what the customer can expect to experience. Make sure you and others know how your business will become indispensable down the road. If you can do that concisely, then that messaging can become the basis for your marketing efforts.


Take Advantage of Cost-Effective Marketing Methods

The rise and reach of social media is an absolute boon to small businesses everywhere. You can now spread the word about your product with very little monetary outlay. If you do have a little to spend on your social media advertising, hire a social media professional. After all, in inexperienced hands, social media marketing can do damage to your startup. However, do things right, and your company will benefit greatly.



Be Proactive Early

The old adage, “Strike while the iron is hot,” is extremely applicable to startups and their initial marketing efforts. When you launch, your business will most likely get some good attention. However, another startup will be opening tomorrow. If you don’t do something to keep that initial attention, you’re going to lose it.

So try some aggressive tactics in the early days. Give things away. Send coupons out in the mail and through social media. Make use of cross promotions. While you’re at it, saturate traditional media outlets such as television, radio, and newspapers. Make an impact on your intended customer base, and you’ll have a better chance at staying in the forefront of their consciousness. When they’re aware of you, you have a better opportunity to forge an ongoing relationship with them.

So don’t just cry poverty and hope that customers will find your startup in the early days. Be creative and proactive, and you’ll find that marketing your company just might be easier than you think.