Hints and Tips for Building Your Uber Business

Hints and Tips for Building Your Uber Business

Are you looking for a business opportunity with low barriers to entry? Have you considered driving for Uber?

In today’s economy, you need to take every opportunity you can to earn more income. Driving for Uber presents a unique opportunity to earn money by doing something that you are already familiar with.

The success of an Uber driver is defined by their profile. Drivers are rated by passengers after every trip. If you provide good service, you can expect your passengers to leave you favorable reviews. The key to receiving a 5-star review is to over-deliver. Provide exceptional service and you will stand out from all other drivers.

Here are 5 hints and tips that you can use for your next day on the road. These suggestions will guarantee you a 5-star review with every fare you take.




Hints to Build an Effective Uber Profile

Set yourself apart from the crowd by offering stellar service. You’ll earn more referrals and 5-star reviews when you do. Follow these 5 strategies and take advantage of the opportunity to increase your driver profile to 5-star status.


#1 Set Your Service Apart from Others

Providing your passengers with a wow experience that they do not expect is the easiest way to start things off right. When you collect your passenger, open the car door for them. Keep some ice water in the car in a cooler and offer a bottle to your passenger. Buy two or three of the daily newspapers and offer them to your passenger. Tissues, wet wipes, and snacks should be kept on hand and offered to your passenger. The more that you can do to provide your passenger with exceptional experience, the better.


#2 Provide a Clean Environment

Uber has specific requirements for Uber Black, the premier ride service offered by Uber. Keep your car clean on the inside and the outside at all times. Buy a portable vacuum cleaner and keep it in your car so that you can give the backseat a once over after every fare. An air freshener is a must, too. Nobody wants to get into a dirty, smelly car. Would you?




#3 Stay Stylish

Dress to impress. People will make their first impression of you almost immediately upon meeting you. If you are a regular Uber driver, consider a button-up shirt and jeans with well kept shoes. If you are driving for Uber Black, then a suit is a must. Look the part and act like a professional. Personal grooming is important, as well. Make sure that your hair is well kept and your body odor is controlled. However, don’t overdo it with the cologne. That can be as unpleasant as a bad smell.


#4 Remember That Tips Are a No-No

Uber has strict policies about accepting tips from passengers. It is simply not allowed. You are not a taxi driver, so act like a professional and politely decline any tips that are offered to you. Your Uber profile could be suspended indefinitely if you are caught accepting tips. Instead of accepting a tip, come up with some pleasant lines to say to your clients. For example, ¨Meeting you was a pleasure. Thank you for the offer, but just driving you was enough of a tip



#5 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Review

Close the deal by asking for a review. The hard fact is that if you don’t ask for a review most people won’t leave you one. By over-delivering value, however, you will compel people to leave you a review. Most will oblige provided that you ask.


The Final Word

By implementing these few tips you can expect a 5-star review with almost every ride you give. Sure, you may find a few passengers who are too busy to care, or who just don’t gel with you. But that is par for the course. However, would you refuse to give a 5-star review if your driver offered you everything suggested here?