7 Ways Smartphones Have Helped Businesses Grow

Your first thoughts about smartphones might be about how distracting they are and about how people spend hours on them every day. How could these things be important to your business at all? Wouldn’t your employees having a smartphone at work just make them more distracted?

However, don’t let your first thoughts blind you to the truth. The fact of the matter is, smartphones have seriously helped many businesses to grow and meet their bottom lines. Smartphones have played a major role in the growth of big business houses, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), and retailers alike. Keep reading here to learn more about why that is.

1. The Smartphone GPS Has Completely Changed How We Get Around

If your employees drive a lot on the job, their smartphone’s GPS is going to help them get to their destination much more quickly. Without GPS, your employees would waste tons of time just driving around trying to get to where they need to go. This also wastes precious company resources for gas and maintenance for your car fleet.

2. You Can Easily Get Access to Data About Your Customer

When you’re on the go and you want to find out more about a customer you’re meeting, it can be hard to do that without a smartphone. However, with a smartphone, employees can have access to the company’s CRM right from an app on their phone. They can then see all of the information about a customer whenever they want and from wherever they are.


3. You Can Use Your Phone to Do Some Last-Minute Research Before a Meeting

When you’re going into a meeting, it can be tough to get all of the research done the night before. That’s why it’s good to have a smartphone with you. Before the meeting, you can just do some last-minute research to ensure you have the best talking points and have all of the information you need to seal the deal.

4. Your Schedule Has Never Been More Organized

Scheduling is one of the most annoying things that you have to do when you’re working for a business. There are so many appointments to keep up with and meetings that you have to attend. However, with a smartphone at your side, it’s easy to keep your calendar organized. You will know where to be and exactly when to be there. Just make sure you get a good phone case for your smartphone to keep it safe.

5. You Can Update Your Social Media Accounts on the Go

If you run your company’s social media accounts, you can easily update them on the go when you have a smartphone along with you. If there’s a status that you want to create or a picture you want to post, but you don’t have your laptop with you, there’s no need to fret. You can do all of that easily from your smartphone.

6. You Can Get Real-Time Answers to Whatever Questions You Have About Your Business

If you have questions about something in your industry or something you’re just curious about, you can have the answers whenever you want with a smartphone. This allows any employee to get the answers they need to improve their productivity at work.

7. Your Contact Book Is Always at Your Fingertips

Of course, one of the best reasons why you should have a smartphone with you is to make calls and contact customers, employees, or employers. You will have your contact book with you at all times. And anyone working in a business knows how important it is that you have your contacts with you at all times.

There You Have It!

Smartphones are one of the most important developments that have happened for the business world, for the above reasons and so many more. If your company does not yet provide your employees with smartphones, then it’s time to do so!