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Go Global with Confidence: With an Importer of Record You Never Suffer a Delay

Are you a technology reseller with aspirations to go global? If so, you have surely discovered by now how intimidating the complex and convoluted world of importing and exporting can be.

This is particularly true where dual-use and controlled-use goods are concerned. Because these types of shipments can be used for both civilian and military purposes, customs officials treat them with great caution. IT equipment is no exception.

Things can get even more complicated when your customer is leasing your technologies but not purchasing them. Without a customer on the other end of the transaction to take responsibility for the goods when they’re cleared, you absolutely must have one crucial affiliate. And who is that crucial affiliate? It’s an importer of record.


What Is an Importer of Record?

An importer of record (IOR) is someone with the authority to sign off on the shipment of your goods. In other words, this person legally takes on the role of your buyer. They will have a point of presence in, and most likely be a local tax-paying entity of the receiving country. Without an importer of record you will be hard pressed to go global.

Many of these importers will be vying for your business. However, there is one whose services stand out. TecEx is a company that specializes in the global distribution of computer technologies. With a point of presence in more than 120 countries, they have the comprehensive knowledge required to clear these types of shipments through numerous borders.

They can even retrieve a value-added tax refund for you from 40 of these countries, within 6 months of clearance. The experts at TecEx.com can also confirm the accuracy of your customs support documentation. For example, they will review your permits, licenses, and certifications. They will also prepare the commercial invoice and freight delivery waybill that must accompany your shipment.

Avoid Customs Delays

What’s truly unique about this importer of record is their ability to consistently deliver the best lead times. With clearance guaranteed within 10 days of your quote’s approval, you will never have to worry about explaining a delay to your clients.

To alleviate hidden costs and recover taxes and tariffs, this partner promises to only charge you the landed-cost quote. They stand by this promise even if the receiving country’s legislature makes changes after the package ships.

The company offers a hands-on service, too. Their on-the-ground personnel will work with your forwarder to ensure your valuable assets reach their intended destination. If your freight service of choice is unavailable in the country you’re exporting to, you may always use the company’s own couriers.

Stay Involved and Ease Your Mind

If you’d like to stay involved in the process, you can monitor your package in real time through the company’s online portal and liaise with your client services executive should you have any questions.

So seize the opportunity to grow your reselling business globally now. It’s never been easier. That’s because of expert importers who take it upon themselves to guide you along the way. They enable shipments to go through quickly and compliantly, retaining your good international standing. They also take the hassle, the effort and the stress out of the process, allowing you to focus on other critical activities so you can go global while you continue to grow and prosper as a business.