12 Ways Self-Acceptance Boosts Productivity and Profits

12 Ways Self-Acceptance Boosts Productivity and Profits

Self-acceptance and true, fulfilled happiness are things we all want in life. What’s more, they are bound to lead to more success in business. Let’s look at 12 ways to achieve that.


1. Go With Your Gut

In order to unlock happiness and self-acceptance within yourself, it’s crucial to first recognize the patterns and habits that keep you unhappy. Here’s a metaphor: How are you going to fix a leaky pipe if you don’t know where the hole is?

Improve morale and productivity within your employees by encouraging them to write down what makes them unhappy. Then attack these  “self-critical” thoughts like a cheetah chasing a gazelle.




2. Work Won’t Kill You  

I’ve got a boatload of work here, just howling for attention. I should be blowing a gasket, but I’m not. In a previous life I’d be ripping my hair out, frothing at the mouth, snarling at the trumpet-playing birds, freaking out over the enormous list of project deadlines soon approaching. It’s important to remember, though, that stress is a choice. When you choose to stress out, this poor example of leadership spreads like wildfire. Blowing a gasket never solves problems.


3. Meditate to Survive Business Storms

Here’s just a taste of the benefits you can get from only five minutes of meditating:

  • Meditating strips away the need to compete in life’s rat race
  • Striving for the future becomes a lot less stressful
  • Anxiety levels plummet

Plus, a few minutes of meditation every day will go a long way toward improving self-acceptance. Think of how your business’s workers will benefit from just five minutes of meditating each day.


4. Mindfulness = Getting a Leg Up

If you have 5-10 minutes to spare in the morning, afternoon or evening, you can increase mindfulness with your team. As mindfulness is a mindset, it can be practiced anywhere. Doing so teaches you how to be aware if what’s happening now. Mindfulness is a secret ingredient for staying on top of what’s going on in your industry, something your competitors may not be doing.


5. Realize Everything Is a Business Opportunity

Once you mentally train yourself to become self-aware and mindful, you will begin to recognize your emotions and feelings. Accordingly, self-acceptance will be within your reach. What this means to your business is that you will be able to spot trends in your market or niche more easily.


6. Every Problem Has a Solution

Everybody makes mistakes. What really matters when we make a mistake is how we make things right for ourselves and others. In business, professionals don’t get hung up on the drama or suffer a level-five meltdown. Nope. What professionals do is fix the problem immediately. Therefore, clean up your messes instead of ignoring or over-dramatizing your mistakes. When you do, you will know that you have developed some self-acceptance.


7. Obsess Like a Madman

Our strength is whatever innate talent each and every one of us has. Celebrate your strength and the strengths of your co-workers, team members, and anyone who works for you.

Look at your business. What do you feel compelled to do to make it more efficient? What do you do in your life or in your business that you’ve been doing every single week for the past 10 years? That is your natural strength. Moreover, it’s time you accepted this part of yourself.


8. Move on from Mistakes

Forgiving yourself is easier said than done. However, self-forgiveness is one of the building blocks for a state of total self-acceptance. Once you forgive yourself, your staff will learn how to forgive themselves, too—even if you don’t share the gory details with others. A healthy dose of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance is really good for business.

It’s important to remember that everyone is doing the best they can in life, including you.


9. Fake It Like a Boss

Healthy habits are formed when we consciously do something over and over. Even establishing the simple habit of  making your bed every morning can lead to a more positive day—and greater self-acceptance. While you might have to fake your enjoyment of any new habit for a while, before long you won’t even have to think about it. You’ll just do it. Here are some other healthy habits you can fake starting right now.



10. Put the Past Where It Belongs—in the Past   

For many of us, unhappiness and an unwillingness to accept ourselves as we are stem from not living up to the self-image we formed years ago. Whatever it is you dreamed of for yourself as being the perfect you, take a moment to mourn those dreams. Mourn them just as you would grieve the loss of a loved one. Then, let those dreams go. Focus on being the best current-day you that you can be.

In contrast, focusing on your past will psychologically wire you to make decisions for your business as it was in the past, not the business you have now.


11. Unlock the Shackles

Whenever unhappiness or frustration grab an unrelenting hold on you, realize that you are not those emotions. Likewise, you are not your positive or happy emotions, either.

Be willing to simply experience your emotions and allow them to pass through you. Don’t allow them to attach themselves to your identity, locking you into rigid patterns.

When you are no longer a slave to your emotions, your business will run more efficiently because you won’t be tied down to anything. Maintaining your business will be a heck of a lot easier. Just ask John Carlton, who has made millions of dollars for his bad-to-the-bone self as a successful direct mail copywriter.


12. Thank Yourself for Tasks Well Done

Think about the moment when you found the big idea for your business. What did you do, then, to take that idea to the great heights you’re at now? Analyze all of those little, crucial moments (that happened in the blink of an eye) that led you to where you are now in your business.

Then write a letter to yourself, genuinely thanking yourself for making those decisions and taking those actions. You’ll be showing yourself first-hand how to stay on the good path. There is no kinder thing for you to do, than to genuinely thank your workers—and yourself.



As a seasoned business owner, you have learned by now that in order to keep your business profitable, you must keep your personal life in balance. Accept the fact that you are who you are and your business will be much better for it.