8 Business Ideas in the Transport Industry

8 Business Ideas in the Transport Industry

Although it might not seem obvious, the transport industry is thriving.

Companies like Uber and Lyft have changed the face of the industry and dominated the market. However, transportation continues to be a vital part of the economy and highly in demand.

Uber alone serves 40 million customers every month. Nonetheless, the market is big enough that new businesses will always be required, and there is plenty of room for creativity in the logistics model.

So if you’ve got a knack for organization and some capital to spare, this could be the industry for you. Here are some of the best transport businesses you can start right away:


1. Bicycle Rentals

Many people are looking to go green, and the most sustainable means of transport is a push-bike. Therefore, renting out bicycles is a thriving business, especially in dense urban areas and tourist hotspots.

Set up somewhere near a hotel or resort so you can cater to the steady stream of tourists looking to sightsee. Alternatively, set up a bike rental subscription service near busy offices in metropolitan areas.


2. Truck Owner / Operator

Trucking, both national and international, is a big business. Moreover, sophisticated fleet management and video telematics technologies are making it easier than ever to own and operate a full fleet of trucks.

You can hire drivers or hire subcontractors depending on your strategy. This is the ideal business for someone with great management and scheduling skills.




3. Moving Services

There’s a low bar to enter the moving business, which means there’s a lot of competition. Even college kids can start this business with a rented truck.

However, if you get the marketing right and create a trusted brand, you can dominate your designated region. This is a service that will always be in demand and doesn’t require too much initial time or money.


4. Specialty Transport

Unusual items require specialist transportation. This niche is highly lucrative but also complex. That’s because it requires a great deal of care and knowledge, depending on what you are transporting.

Then, too, transporting something specific will make it easier for you to create a brand identity and market your service.


5. Livestock Transport

You don’t need a special license for livestock transport services, but the business can still be complicated. That’s because each state has different regulations that need to be followed.

While it’s the owner’s responsibility to get the livestock ready for transport, it’s your responsibility to make sure they get to their destination safely. Keep in mind, too, that owners might be less willing to let you handle their livestock if you lack experience.



6. Senior Services

America is rapidly aging, and driving seniors around in specialized vehicles is likely to grow as a market. What’s more, corporate sponsors and the federal government may also provide support for these services, making it a great market to enter.


So Find Your Niche and Get Moving

These are 6 key growth areas for the transportation sector. Each area gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to either dominate a niche or get started with a new venture quickly.