Winning Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Make no mistake about it; the cost of renting exhibition space seems to be on the rise. We’re not going to speculate about the reasons why, but considering how important some of the leads from these type of events can be, it’s still a no-brainer for most businesses to attend.

At the same time, all of this means that it’s absolutely crucial for your stand to attract custom. It needs to be separated from the pack, so to speak. You don’t want it to be merely one of hundreds that visitors just stroll past without giving a second glance.

Bearing the above in mind, we have compiled some of the best methods to make sure that your stand is the standout piece of the show—and ultimately gets those coveted leads.


Make Sure You Stick to the Style Guidelines

While some of the most successful exhibition stands might go against the norm, there tends to be an underlying style at a lot of these events. In other words, you’ll know if they are looking to attract professionals, or if they are opting for the informal look which requires a somewhat different approach.

It’s crucial that you stick to this style, even if you ignore everything else the other vendors are doing. Arm yourself with the relevant exhibition stands and supplies to help you along your way here.




The Free WiFi Factor

A lot of the larger events will provide free WiFi to all visitors. If you are attending one of these, you probably don’t need to read this section. If you’re part of a more intimate exhibition, however, it can pay to be generous with your WiFi.

Particularly if you are looking to attract journalists, this can help you enormously. There’s nothing as frustrating from the point of view of a journalist who’s trying to cover a business not to be able to get any signal. You can help them out here, and in return, they will be likely be extremely grateful.

Additionally, it will help with that elusive footfall, and hopefully prompt a few leads your way.


A Place to Relax

Sure, you’re not in the airport-lounge business, but don’t underestimate the value of providing a place to relax. These exhibitions can be tiring for visitors. Most tend to be go-go-go without a break. As such, simply providing seating can be inviting. If you’re not too pushy, many of these resting visitors can potentially be converted down the line.



Let’s Play a Game!

Forget the free pens. Let’s try something completely different that is proving to be increasingly popular among the exhibition brigade.

We’re not necessarily talking about a game of football here, but a contest to whet the appetite and at least draw people to your stand. Sure, some won’t have the slightest bit of interest in your product or service, but if you can find some that are on the fence you can convert some of those “maybes” into “yeses.”