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10 Factors That Make a Life Insurance Plan Worth Your Money

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10 Factors That Make a Life Insurance Plan Worth Your Money

Life insurance. You may think that because you’re young and just starting out in business that you don’t need it. However, there are so many benefits to having a life insurance policy—and the sooner you get one, the better.

Keep reading to learn about the factors that make life insurance plans worth your money, no matter what your age.




1. Do You Have Dependents? If so, You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is not just something that you have to get because you get to a certain age and that’s expected of you. If there is anyone in your family or circle of friends who depends on you for financial matters, then you need to protect them in case you die.

You never know what life will throw at you. Tomorrow you might not even be here. If you don’t have a good policy, then the people who depend on you would find it difficult to get by. If you’re insured, you give them the chance to pay off your house’s mortgage or get rid of debts. Make the smart decision for those who depend on you.


2. A Quality Policy Will Enable Your Family to Deal with Debt 

If you pass away and you have a spouse and kids who are financially dependent on you, a life insurance policy is going to help them get rid of debts. The chances are high that you have a mortgage on your house, along with some credit card debt and maybe some loans that you are paying off. A high-quality policy is going to help your financial dependents to pay off these debts should the unthinkable happen.


3. You’ll Have a Better Chance of Achieving Your Long-Term Goals

A life insurance policy will help you, too. You’ll be better able to achieve your own long-term goals, things like buying the home of your dreams and planning for retirement.


4. There’s More to It Than Just Putting a Dollar Sign on Someone’s Life

While no one can really put a monetary value on someone’s life, there is so much more to life insurance than that. Its purpose is to help your financial dependents cope with the financial stress of your death, should that occur. It will help them deal with mortgage payments, college tuition, and outstanding credit card debts.


5. It’s Actually a Contract

Did you know that life insurance is actually a contract between the insurance company and someone who has an interest financially in someone else? Claims are paid out whenever someone passes away, thanks to the premiums policyholders pay.



6. A Good Policy Will Help You with Your Goals for Retirement

One of the top reasons why a life insurance plan is well worth your money is because it will help you achieve your goals towards retirement. Of course you want to have a steady stream of income until the day you pass away, right? Life insurance plans come with an option to plan for retirement. With this option, you will be able to put money into an annuity that will be paid out upon your retirement in a steady stream of income every month.


7. It’s So Much Cheaper When You’re Younger

One of the best reasons why you should get a life insurance policy when you’re young is because it’s more affordable then. If you are young, healthy, and strong, then your rates are going to be a whole lot lower than they will be when you get older or if you develop health problems.

If  you’re reading this and you’re young, the thought of getting life insurance might not make much sense to you right now. However, when you check out the price tags, it’ll definitely make sense!


8. You Will Be Taking Care of Your Business

As a business owner, you should know that some life insurance policies offer options that will protect your business after you’re gone. Maybe you’ve given little thought to what might happen with your company if you should pass away. A life insurance policy can protect all the hard work you have put into building your business.


9. It’s a Risk Management Tool

You can think of life insurance as an investment, but it’s not a great one. It might be better to view it as a risk management tool.


10. Life Insurance Can Help You Save on Your Taxes

Did you know that in the US  you can deduct your life insurance premiums when you file your taxes? You can save money on your taxes while you protect your financial dependents.