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10 Productive Skills You Can Learn Online

10 Productive Skills You Can Learn Online

In this day and age, not knowing how to do something is a poor excuse. That’s because there are hundreds—possibly thousands—of articles that show you, step by step, how to do something. You can even learn online how to better run your business.

Popular sites like YouTube play host to hundreds of how-to videos and tutorials. We could probably even say we live in the “information overload” age.  There is so much information out there.

So let’s take a look at some valuable skills you can learn online!




1. Handyman

During the past few years, DIY (do-it-yourself) has become a movement. You can type “DIY” into almost any search bar and you’ll get thousands of possible answers.

One of the things I love is how many carpenters and electricians put tutorials up on YouTube. I successfully learned how to repair (and weatherproof) a door, thanks to these generous tradespeople.

The benefit of repairing things yourself? You not only save money, but you become self-sufficient, relying only on yourself to get the job done.


2. Art

Painting is incredibly therapeutic and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. For many injured people, painting is a great pastime while they’re bedridden or physically limited.

Furthermore, learning an art skill forces you to shift your perception about life. It expands your mind, and you naturally become more accepting and less judgmental.


3. Computer Science

Computers and programming aren’t just for nerds and geeks anymore: Computers rule the world. Luckily, a lot of universities teach valuable computer skills. Here’s a small list of where you can learn online:

  • The programming language Python (University of Michigan)
  • Android App development (CentraleSupelec)
  • Web development (John Hopkins University)
  • Identity safety (University of Leeds)


4. Music

I’ll be honest with you. I learned my first guitar chords from my real-life music teacher. But I learned how to make chord progressions because of a video I found explaining music theory—which made me a much more advanced musician. (As well as a more disciplined human being.)

Learning how to play an instrument improves your memory, since you have to memorize notes and chord progressions. It also teachers you perseverance, since learning how to play an instrument is tough and requires thousands of hours of practice. Further, it teaches self-discipline, as you’ll be focusing on nothing but that instrument for countless hours.


5. Programming

If you love numbers, if you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur, or if you are in any business, coding is right up your alley. Knowing how to program is an essential skill, especially in this day and age. Not just because coding/programming is prevalent today, but also because coding boosts memory skills and self-discipline. Moreover, it instills logic, sharpens focus, and inspires creativity.


6. Math

There are countless facets of life that require strong math calculations. Chances are your math may be rusty, too. In addition, there is no such thing as knowing “too much math,” as it is directly responsible for raising your intellect.


7. Advanced Writing

Everybody knows how to write—but not everyone knows how to write well. If you have access to a search engine, however, you can learn online how to improve in any area of writing. Learn online about correct grammar and punctuation. Find out how to write more concisely.

What’s more, you can find typing games that force you to type faster, thus saving you time. You can even find helpful information on how to get past writer’s block and play fun word games to get the creative juices flowing.


8. Money Management

A lot of us have bad money-management skills. Maybe it’s because we didn’t learn those skills in elementary and high school institutions. However, today we can learn online and get better with money management.

Investopedia is a site that helps you get started on investing wisely. Additionally, check out at your bank’s website. Chances are they have articles where you can learn online about money management.

There is no excuse for not knowing how to manage money. I genuinely believe that if you don’t know how to be smart with your money, you will forever be in poverty. In the words of Jordan Belfort in his memoir, Wolf of Wall Street, “I have been a rich man, and I’ve been a poor man…. And I choose rich every time.”


9. Excel 

Do you find Excel/Google Sheets boring? If yes, you’re missing out. Excel lets you organize massive amounts of data in a streamlined, systematic manner. What’s more, businesses thrive on spreadsheets. All you need is a willingness to climb the learning curve and learn the basics. After that, HubSpot has a lot of Excel tips and tricks to make it less time-consuming.


10. Negotiation Skills

How often have you “talked business” and walked away feeling like you had been taken advantage of? When it came time to discuss terms, how often have you felt like you got the short end of the stick?

Negotiation is a skill that transfers to many areas of life. It’s invaluable. And you can learn negotiation skills online.




I heard this quote from a Be Inspired YouTube video a long time ago, and I don’t remember which one it is, or who said it, but the quote is this: “If you do the same thing tomorrow that you did today, you’re stuck. And it doesn’t change.”

People who don’t grow are stuck. And people who are stuck are not successful in life. Learn one of the aforementioned skills today, and better yourself as a person.