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Steve Wozniak’s Words of Wisdom for New Age Entrepreneurs

Featured image by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

When you think about the famous company Apple, you probably also think about Steve Jobs. But there was someone else behind the development of this powerful company as well and that person was Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder. Keep reading for some words of wisdom from The Woz.

Don’t Worry About the Spotlight When You’re Trying to Make a Difference in The World

Many entrepreneurs are under the impression that they need to be in the spotlight in order to make a difference in the world. However, many technology giants and founders of world-class businesses are rarely in the spotlight.

Instead, they are silently working to develop the companies that are out to change the world. They don’t have time to worry about what other people think of them or whether lots of people know their names. Take a hint from Wozniak’s words of wisdom and focus your energy on developing great ideas that can change the world, rather than worrying about getting and keeping the spotlight.

You’ve Got to Have Passion for What You’re Doing

If you don’t have passion for what you do, you shouldn’t be doing it at all. Why waste your time on on something you don’t care about? We each have a limited amount of time on Earth and we should be making the most of it, not wasting our time on jobs we hate.

If you find yourself starting up a company that you hate running or in a job that you despise going to, then the best thing to do is run with all of your energy toward that one thing you are passionate about.


Don’t Be Afraid to Start Your Business in Your Garage

Many people believe that you need tons of resources to start up your business and make it a success. And sure, if you want to have a huge business that changes the world, you’re going to need resources. But that’s not where companies like Apple started from. They started from a simple idea out of a garage in California. When that idea started to take form, that’s when the resources started coming in.

Wozniak’s words of wisdom here are that you should focus more on the idea you’re trying to build, rather than where you’re building it. If you need to build your idea from your garage or your parents’ house, then just go for it! Eventually your company, too, could become the next multi-million-dollar leviathan that changes the world.

Create a Product That You and Your Team Actually Want to Use

It sounds obvious, but these words of wisdom ring true: Develop a product that people actually want to use. And who better to test that on than your team and yourself? If you or your team don’t like the product you’re developing, then why even develop it? If you don’t understand the product or the value it brings,  your customers are not going to understand it, either. And if they don’t see the value, they’re not going to pick up your product in the store and buy it.

For instance, the iPhone 8 is loaded with extraordinary features such as increased storage, enhanced camera quality, quick charging, biometrical ID and more. These features are a result of what the team wanted in the leading smartphone.

Always Listen to Your Entry-Level Employees and Respect Their Opinions

Always remember that the opinion of entry level employees is important. You might have the opinion that new employees should learn your company and its products before they start giving advice. However, these people are usually the ones who have the freshest opinions and the newest takes on the company. They have only seen your company from the outside. Therefore, they will have some great ideas of how to improve your products or services from a fresh perspective.

When management shows a clear interest in what their employees have to say, those employees will be more engaged at work. And they’re more apt to stick around for longer, too.

Remain Accessible to Your Employees

One of the best parts about working at Apple is the accessibility of the CEO and upper management. When both Steves were working at Apple, every employee knew they could reach out to them at any time. It becomes way too bureaucratic when you have to follow the chain of command. You tell your boss about something, she tells her boss, he tells his boss, and so on and so forth. It’s much better if you speak to your staff members and tell them that you are open to their suggestions and want to speak with them about any work problems they may have.


Follow these words of wisdom from Steve Wozniak if you want to achieve success as an entrepreneur.