6 Innovative Apps for Buying and Selling Used Products

Thrift store shopping and antique shop hunting is always fun. But sometimes, you just don’t feel like going out. Thanks to the continual growth of e-commerce and some innovative entrepreneurs, there’s a way to do both!

Instead of heading out to your local second-hand store, download one (or all) of these online discount shopping apps and shop for gently used luxury items, neat gadgets, cool accessories, or whatever else you have your heart set on.

And if shopping is not exactly your thing, you could clear out your garage with one of these apps. Or maybe you’ll get some ideas for your e-commerce store when you read this post.





Tictail’s visually beautiful layout makes it a lovely experience to shop or sell used products. Tictail’s marketplace offers access to local creative brands from 140 different countries.

Tictail is an online luxury incubator for users to find and sell gorgeous used items. The site encourages small companies to build their brand with them.

Find beautiful clothing, stunning home decor, and one-of-a-kind art pieces made from talented designers all over the world. You’ll also find kids’ items, including carefully stitched sweaters and artsy toys.

Tictail featured a story about Rashida Jones, a popular actress who wore “head-to-toe Tictail” while exploring Stockholm.


rashida jones - used


Tictail sells items that are anything but run-of-the-mill. This is the ultimate source for perfect pieces you won’t find anywhere else.



While everyone loves to find deals on trendy items, it can be tough finding a good discount clothing resource that condenses them all into one place. There are plenty of destinations to find amazing fashion deals, but Poshmark offers a unique approach.

Poshmark has their description in their name. This used clothing shopping app gives customers the opportunity to find high end men’s, women’s, and kids’ items for a fraction of the original price.


poshmark - used


Users can find discounted fashion items from outlets like Brandy Melville, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Gucci, Coach, Michael Kors, and other must-have brands.

Poshmark is basically a condensed version of eBay for those who want to limit their choices to only luxury brands. Easy to browse and simple to buy, it’s no wonder that Poshmark is a leading online discount luxury brand shopping app.


poshmark parties - used


Something that makes Poshmark stand out from the crowd are Poshmark Parties. These are virtual social shopping events where people meet up in the app to buy and sell products. These parties are real-time and real fun. The benefit of attending a Poshmark Party is that you’ll find a curated selection of items, carefully chosen based on the party theme.



The simplicity of GOAT’s sleek browser experience mirrors its no-nonsense vibe. It’s such an easy-to-use sneaker shopping app.

goat1 - usedgoat2 - used


Offering a safe place to buy and sell sneakers, GOAT paves the way for de-scamming the market. Never get ripped off again or worry about authenticity.

When you use GOAT, you know you’ll soon receive 100% real deal shoes. Find those perfect authentic shoes on your phone anytime, anywhere.



Another online sneaker app is StockX. This shopping app depends on a bid/ask sales system with a more integrated buyer/seller relationship.

Find deals on the hottest looks and styles. Just like GOAT, StockX verifies every pair of shoes, ensuring that you don’t get a dud. Find Yeezys, Jordans, and every other brand name sneaker that you must have in your collection.


stockx - used


Since the 90’s are back in style, now is the perfect time to take advantage of StackX’s vintage selection.


stockx2 - used


This innovative app also offers authentic purses and watches that make great gifts for friends and family or a treat for yourself. Check out their blog section and stay up-to-date on the latest in what’s going on at StockX.


stockx3 - used


Get that rare item and wear it knowing no one else will show up to the party in the same thing.



Letgo is cornering the buying and selling of the local market. Reportedly, letgo has tens of millions of users nationwide selling clothes, electronics, home items, and more every day.


letgo - used


The home screen is filled with big colorful photos of items currently available. Once it knows your location, it gives you a variety of local options to choose from.


letgo2 - used


Letgo’s intelligently designed website makes it a breeze to communicate with the seller. When you click on an item, it allows you to instantly send a message to the seller. The site harbors a smooth back and forth between the buyer and the seller, limiting the chances for miscommunication or dreaded buyer’s remorse.

As you can see, the item page layout is modern yet informational enough that you’re not left with many (if any) questions about the product.

This mobile shopping app is free to use and easy to sell. Simply take a photo of the item you are selling, and the app will categorize it for you. The technology letgo uses is so advanced, it uses image recognition to place your listing in the correct place.



Similar to letgo, OfferUp is a used goods website that helps you find or sell items locally.

OfferUp was founded by two CEO’s who found that they had “more stuff than they wanted and less stuff than they needed.” Their solution was to create an online digital marketplace for people to easily exchange items, ridding their home of things they don’t want and acquiring things they do.

With the same layout design as letgo, the home screen invites you in with enticing items close to where you live.


offerup - used


Item pages use big impossible-to-miss buttons and a large photo of the seller to familiarize yourself with the person you’re buying from. OfferUp features an offer option in which the buyer can give a price of what they think the item is worth.

Similar to letgo, there’s a button you as the buyer can push to communicate with the seller if there’s any need for more information about the product.


offerup2 - used


This community-bonding strategy ends the need for time-consuming garage sales while still enabling communication with your neighbor.




Would you rather stick with traditional retailers and get discounts on new items instead? No problem.

To find bargains on new products from all your favorite retailers, visit CouponsMonk.com. There you’ll find coupons from Ace Hardware through Fandango to Zulily—and everything between. You can search for what you want alphabetically by store or by category, making it easy to find whatever it is you’re looking for.


couponsmonk - used

Get Shopping

Unlike department stores with brand new items, second-hand shops let you find that unique discounted item you can’t find in any assembly line retailer store. Now that we’ve done the research for you, start finding fabulous items by downloading these awesome discount shopping apps today!