Should I Be Using Business Broadband?

Should I Be Using Business Broadband?

Whether you should be using residential or business broadband largely depends on the type of business you run. However, each has its advantages and disadvantages.


Research and Review

Business broadband has a good many benefits. If you’re a regular user it makes sense to choose a business broadband package. Check out broadband comparison sites to see what other people have to say about the providers in your area. This can help you choose the right Internet service provider as well as pick the right package the first time.

A speedy, reliable broadband service is imperative to the success of any business. The question is, does your business need a specialized business broadband connection? Or will a less expensive residential broadband service be good enough for your needs?




Immediate Help with Disruptions

Most of the leading broadband providers offer business broadband. The best of these providers make every effort to get your connection up and running immediately in the case of disruptions. Of course, the best scenario is to avoid these disruptions entirely, but that’s not always possible.

Business broadband deals offer around-the-clock customer support. This differs from home broadband customer support, which is only available at selected times and days. Also, with business broadband, the quality and speed of your connection will not be affected by the usage patterns of other customers. For example, it won’t slow down during those busy times of the day. You probably already know this can be a hugely frustrating situation.


Greater Security

A big problem today, both at home and in business, is security. If your home computer gets hacked you’ll encounter endless frustrations and inconveniences. On the other hand, if your business broadband is compromised it can spell total calamity. Moreover, customers are not very sympathetic when it comes to your business’s Internet problems.

Business broadband services come with much higher grade of security software. This higher level of security can help you avoid business disruptions caused by viruses and hackers.

Additionally, business and home routers differ. At home, you might only need to connect a few computers. However, with a business, you’ll need a larger router, one that provides much larger coverage. What’s more, the security that accompanies a business broadband includes a firewall and a server for a virtual private network, or VPN.

With a residential broadband service, you get a unique IP address to identify your computer that changes each time you connect to the Internet. The beauty with business broadband is that you’ll get a static continuous IP address. With a static IP address, you can host your own website. You can also host your own server for when your business needs to receive large files. This also means that your clients will always be able to connect to your server without complications.


More Speed and Reliability

There is no denying that the Internet is something nearly every 21st-century business relies on. In fact, the Internet allows businesses to reach a global market. Therefore, speed and reliability are essential.

Some other factors to look for when you’re choosing business broadband include:

  • Business voice (VoIP). With business voice you can have an inclusive VoIP business line for all calls.
  • Web hosting and email addresses
  • Extranet where information can be stored and shared in a password-protected environment and backed up each day
  • PC security for protection from viruses and hackers
  • Leased or dedicated lines



Where to Get Good Deals

Whether you choose to go with Vodafone, TalkTalk, Virgin Media or another service provider, do your research. You’ll find some good broadband deals right now. Virgin Media Business, for instance, has fixed price offers with no deceptive catches.

The best part is that you’ll get the fastest speeds in the market. Additionally, there is no line rental fee, plus you get customer support around the clock with a 48-hour response. If you decide to go for business broadband, do comparison shopping first. Then you can enjoy excellent service while staying ahead of your competitors.