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Blogger Outreach: What Can It Do for You?

As a businessperson, you’re certainly familiar with various online marketing tools. You have no doubt purchased banner ads or used some sort of social media marketing, but have you considered blogger outreach?

If you’re a more traditional businessperson, you might think that blogs don’t have much of an impact. You might think blogger outreach wouldn’t be worth your time.

However, blogs are a dominant force in the marketing world. People trust blogs more than they trust television, news, and advertisements. Blogs seem more approachable, more human. Therefore, blogger outreach can make a big difference in your profits.

Here, we’ll tell you all about what blogger outreach can do for your business and give you some ways you can start targeting bloggers.




What Is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is a fancy term that just means you reach out to bloggers. Your aim is to get them to write and publish content about or featuring one of your products.

Blogger outreach is an excellent marketing technique. It can even be less expensive and more effective than your other marketing strategies.

By reaching out to blogs and getting bloggers to generate organic content for you, you gain access to their audience.

If, for instance, a blogger writes a review of your product, you gain their followers’ support, simply because the blogger supported your product. You’d be amazed at how many people use bloggers to determine which products they will buy.


Blogger Outreach Can Help You Boost Your Business

Business owners like you make use of blogger outreach to gain more customers. They know blogger outreach gives them access to a wider audience.

Bloggers are a bigger deal these days than ever before. And once you’ve found a single successful blogger who is interested in writing about your product, more are bound to follow.


Bloggers Are Influential in the Market

When consumers are in the mood to buy, they frequently visit review sites and blogs they feel they can trust. As a matter of fact, these are some of the most frequently visited sites on the Internet. What’s more, people trust bloggers’ reviews of products. They want to buy the products they endorse.

On the other hand, if a popular blogger has a complaint about one of your products, it’s can be a public relations nightmare, so be certain that your product does what you say it does and that your customer service is top notch.

If you play your cards right, though, blogger outreach can be a relatively inexpensive way to run a successful marketing campaign.



Good for Both the Blogger and You

What’s good for your business is good for the blogger as well. Your business will gain an endorsement, some advertising, and some inexpensive marketing. The blogger will enjoy some financial gain as well as content that’s easy to produce. Additionally, you could sweeten the deal by offering them free merchandise—at least a sample of your product for the blogger to try and review.

What’s more, if you make the effort to develop a personal relationship with the blogger, they might just share your information with their network of other bloggers, reaping you a fine harvest of more platforms from which to advertise.


So, How Do You Get Started with Blogger Outreach?

First, do some research. You want to find the perfect match between your business and a good blogger. So target a blog whose audience would most benefit from your product. This will ensure the highest likelihood of those people purchasing your product.

Once you’ve selected the perfect blog, it’s time to contact the blogger. Whether you choose to email their website, email the blogger directly, or find a way to write a letter or call the blogger, you should include the following:

  • Your business name, your name, and your contact information.
  • Why you’re contacting them. Use this as a means to tell them about your product. Include what you hope to achieve by contacting them.
  • Everything they might need to know about your product. But remember, you want to sell them on your product as much as you want to inform them about it. You are still trying to convince them to do this, after all.
  • What’s in it for them. Include at least one compelling reason why they should help you.
  • Always end with a thank you.


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There are several blogger outreach tools that can help with the process. However, it is often better to select a premium blogger outreach service that will help you to get the results you want more quickly.

Blogger outreach can make all the difference in your business’s success. It’s an inexpensive and extremely successful marketing technique that can really help to get your business’s name out there while also boosting your product’s public image.