How Business Travelers Can Bring Their A-Game to Meetings

Meetings can be stressful enough, but for business travelers on the go, they can be a nightmare.

Of course, we’d like to be prepared way ahead of time for meetings, but sometimes that’s just not possible. Especially if you’re a traveling businessman or businesswoman, then you know it’s always crunch time. Don’t worry though. Here are some tips to help you keep your cool and arrive on time (and maybe even early!) to your next business meeting, no matter where you are.




Stay Organized

Utilize planners and smartphone calendars to your advantage. Use them to keep track of important dates and plan ahead. This way, you will give yourself enough time to prepare for upcoming meetings. Since business trips are usually pretty brief, constructing a well thought out itinerary will help you stay organized and focused. When planning your itinerary, always give yourself enough time to get to and from meetings, and try to allow time for unexpected things to pop up like traffic and delayed flights. Also, it’s important for business travelers to make time for healthy meals and breaks in between meetings so you don’t get burnt out with your busy schedule.


Stop Stressing

Seriously, take a deep breath. Balancing work and your personal life can be tough, but even taking a few minutes in between meetings to take a walk or stretch can boost productivity and clear your mind so you’re ready to conquer those meetings! Exercising is a huge stress reliever so making time for a 15 or 30-minute break to quickly exercise can improve your mood and help you keep your stress level to a minimum.


Take the High-Tech Route

If you’re constantly hopping from one flight to the next, having access to your laptop is not always an option. Luckily, smartphone technology nowadays comes with super cool features like in-flight Wi-Fi on Gogo-equipped flights. In-flight Wi-Fi allows you a free hour to review your notes, text colleagues via Gogo inflight texting and quick access to rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft to transport you to your next meeting.



Practice Self-Care

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but one of the key tips for making a good impression at your next business meeting is taking care of your physical and mental health. For some people, sleep isn’t always a top priority when traveling for business. However, getting a good night’s sleep will let you recharge and stay sharp. Business travelers have to sleep in uncomfortable hotel beds and adjust to new time zones. Or maybe you just have to set your alarm earlier than usual. If you can, go to bed early the night before and get as much rest as possible.

In addition to sleep, eating properly and getting enough water is crucial for your body and brain to function properly. Although traveling may make you want to grab fast food or skip meals, packing energy-boosting snacks ahead of time like nuts or protein bars will keep you from getting hangry and fuel you throughout the day. Adequate water intake and nutritious foods will give you the energy you need to get through any meeting.


Are You Ready to Take on Your Next Business Meeting?

If you follow these few steps when traveling for business, you’ll be more than prepared for your next meeting. Keeping a composed temperament and arriving early is sure to impress your clients, colleagues and more importantly, your boss.