Custom Wooden Business Signs: 5 Points to Consider in Your Signage

Custom Wooden Business Signs: 5 Points to Consider in Your Signage

Have you just started up your new business? Or are you currently finding an innovative look for an already established one? Whatever the case is, your business needs custom wooden business signs as a way to crank out both new and repeat sales.

Signs tend to be an important way of creating buyer awareness about your business. Before buying any signage system, however, consider these 5 points for your customized business signs.

1. Area

Signs allow prospective customers to know exactly where you are located. Make sure to place them where both casual visitors and returning customers alike will notice them.

2. Materials

The materials you choose for your custom wooden business signs should be appropriate to where they’re mounted. Whether for interior or exterior sites, they should be long-lasting. If they’re exterior signs like PVC signs, they will have to withstand all kinds of conditions as well as your climate and all of its seasons. Also, the types of materials you finally choose should be installed correctly.

3. Appeal

The signs ought to be eye-catching and well designed. They should make a good first impression. Whether you choose stone, wood, high-density urethane, neon or LED, you can easily find either a simple design or a more complex one. For example, you can opt for an old-fashioned organic look, a country bungalow look or a more stylish and architectural pattern.

You can choose individual block text or a stylish cursive script. Just make sure the text is readable. Some cursive text can be difficult to read. For example, it can be difficult to differentiate the characters “q” and “g,” or the numbers 8 and 3 in some cursive scripts.

You can also choose from among many different colors, too, in addition to a variety of surface finishes. It’s also possible to consider lighting your sign for a 24-hour visibility. For example, if your business is a restaurant or a service station you might want to consider good lighting.


4. Communication

Your signs should tell buyers a lot of things regarding your company. For example, you’ll want customers to understand who you are and what services or products you are offering. You might want to add your company’s custom logo or some other custom-designed images that define your business. You might also want to tell your prospective customers about your business hours.

5. Restrictions

Different states and locales in the US have different limitations regarding company signs. These rules can restrict the size, form, and height of the signs. Other restrictions could apply to materials, lighting, energy consumption, site location and even installation practices. Along with state standards, local neighborhoods could have their own list of business signage zoning regulations. Make sure to check both local and state regulations in your town before making your sign selection.


No matter what type or design of business signs you ultimately choose for your business, your signage must be artistically created and properly mounted. However, these 5 points to consider in your custom wooden signs can make your selection process a lot easier.