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Planning a Corporate Event? An Event Cleaning Crew Makes It Easier

Planning a Corporate Event? An Event Cleaning Crew Makes It Easier

You’ve finished up another successful corporate event. Guests never imagine all the work that goes on behind the scenes. You take pride in making sure every detail is as close to perfect as possible, but you don’t try do it all by yourself.

As a corporate event planner, you rely on a trusted network of professionals to help with everything from venue selection and security to decorating and catering. But have you thought about the advantages of adding a special event cleaning service to your team?




10 Ways Professional Cleaning Services Make Your Job Easier

You coordinate every event with one goal in mind: complete client satisfaction. Whether it’s a week-long trade show or a formal awards dinner, you make it happen and make sure it’s a success.

With all the work you put in from client consultations and site setup to final closing, after-event cleaning shouldn’t turn into its own project. It doesn’t have to. Consider these 10 ways a professional cleaning crew makes it easier to plan corporate events.


1. Valuable Time Saved

After the last guest leaves, it takes hours to completely clean the site. In some situations, cleanup is covered by your contract with venue management. More often, you’re responsible. When you weigh the investment of your valuable time spent cleaning against bringing in a commercial cleaning contractor, it makes sense to leave the work to professionals.


2. No More Equipment Rentals

Add up the cost of renting cleaning equipment. Factor in time spent picking it up, hauling it to the site and returning it on schedule. Multiply everything by the number of events you plan each year. When you leave final venue cleanup to a professional service, you eliminate the expense and hassle of equipment rental.


3. Pre-Event Cleaning Options

How many times have you seen venue sites that needed cleaning before you could even begin to set up? This doesn’t have to turn into one more big job on your busy to-do list. If you’ve already made arrangements with a cleaning contractor, you can schedule pre-event cleanup that leaves you free to focus on important planning details.


4. Ongoing Site Maintenance

When an event lasts for several days, you have to be concerned with overall site cleanliness. Busy bathrooms need regular attention. Fixtures and touch points need routine disinfecting. A full-service cleaning company covers these critical duties by scheduling multiple daily visits through the duration of your special event.


5. Floor-to-Ceiling Services

Certified technicians vacuum carpets, treat high-traffic areas and address stains. They sweep and buff hard floors. Cleaning crews take care of kitchen facilities, banquet rooms, meeting areas, bathrooms and hallways. Entryways, doors, windows and mirrors are cleaned and polished. Often, a professional cleaning service leaves a venue in better shape than it was when you first inspected the site.


6. Responsible Waste Management

After a big event, picking up and hauling off trash can involve more than trips to loading dock dumpsters or the local landfill. A fully certified cleaning company understands and adheres to all safety regulations applicable to waste that requires special disposal.


7. Emergency Cleaning Crews

By working with a special event cleaning service, you’re prepared for all types of emergencies. From bathrooms backed up with sewage to fire or water damage to your on-site equipment and supplies, an industry certified cleaning contractor can dispatch emergency crews to the scene with just one call.


8. Flexible, Event-Specific Services

Every special event is different in size, type and schedule. The best commercial cleaning company serves you with flexible, scalable options that fit each project. You agree to as much or as little after-event cleaning as you need according to each job without being locked into a one-size-fits-all contract.


9. Invaluable Peace of Mind

A reputable event cleaning service gladly provides documentation of its compliance as a fully insured and bonded business. The company can also verify its cleaning crews’ industry certification and training. It all adds up to invaluable peace of mind knowing your post-event cleaning needs are in the hands of experienced professionals.


10. A Long-Term Partner

Your must-do list changes with every event you plan, but final cleanup is always one of the biggest parts of the job. When you establish a relationship with a special event cleaning contractor, you have a dependable, long-term partner who becomes a valued member of your trusted professional network.



Working with Industry Professionals

As a chosen career path, corporate event planning can be daunting to new entrepreneurs. It continues to challenge experienced event planners too, so you do all you can to stay in front of every industry trend. That includes recognizing the evolution in after-event cleaning services.

You get so much more than janitorial services when you choose the right commercial cleaning contractor. You work with an industry professional invested in making sure every detail is perfect. That’s the kind of long-term partnership every event planner needs and enjoys. It’s the kind of trusted backup you deserve.