Why Quality Customer Service Always Starts with a Smile

Customer service is tough. However, every business owner knows that excellent customer service is essential to their business success. And customer service that’s delivered with a smile can work wonders.

While some of us relish the challenge of customer service, many of us simply cannot take the onslaught of abuse, day in, day out. But regardless of how it makes you feel, there’s no denying that taking on the role of customer service can provide a viable stepping stone to greater things.

Smiling will make your life richer and healthier. This will in turn make you more likable to bosses, co-workers and clients. All of this will be extremely beneficial to your career, whether you’re a business owner trying to get a foothold or an employee just starting out in customer service.


A Smile Is Infectious

When someone smiles at us we are more likely to smile back. This nonverbal exchange creates a subconscious bond. This bond can lead potential clients further down the sales funnel or stop an unsatisfied customer from demanding a refund.

A Smile Makes Us Positive

Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. It’s possible to force your mind to think that you’re smiling for real by simply performing the motions. Every time you smile, your brain recognizes the facial movements and releases dopamine and endorphins that make you feel more positive. Fundamentally, by faking it, you can rewire your brain and turn yourself into a more positive person. While it may seem a little silly to sit down grinning when you’re in a sour mood, it’s the perfect way to break down negative mental barriers.

A Smile Helps Us Deal with Problems

We all know what it’s like to experience bad customer service. In most instances we walk away feeling stressed, angry and upset. In the same way, we’ve all experienced good customer service, when someone greets you with a smile, makes stable eye contact and calmly listens to your problems. Smiling will bring you into a positive frame of mind and help you deal with potential problems.

A Smile Makes a Good Impression

Quality customer service does not end at the initial interaction, nor when the transaction is complete. You should always strive to nurture positive relationships, even after a purchase has been made or a complaint has been resolved. Every single interaction is critical to your business’s long-term success. Therefore, a smile isn’t just for working hours!

A Smile Changes Your Body Language

A smile will change your whole aura, from the tone of your voice to your body language. Even if you work in telephone customer service, a smile will help you radiate positive energy on a subconscious level. And with that will come amiability, excitement and a commitment to satisfying the client.

A Smile Establishes a Sense of Trust

In the modern world, where the Internet dominates business, establishing a human presence is more important than ever. Think about your own experiences. Who would you trust more: somebody using Facebook messenger or somebody who gives you personalized service with a smile? A smile will establish a connection that cannot be replicated with technology. Never forget that.

To reach an optimal state of happiness, we need to train our brains in the same way athletes trains their bodies. Smiling is a huge part of the re-wiring process, one that you can begin today. If you’re not happy with your own smile consider Facelift Dentistry. This non-invasive bite correction treatment requires no braces or surgery and could leave you with the smile you’ve always dreamed of in as little as two weeks.