5 Crazy Business Ideas That Can Teach You a Thing or Two

Are you sick of a world filled with boring business ideas? Do you long for the oddball, the eccentric, the downright left-of-center? Are you convinced that only truly unique business ideas can make it to the forefront of the marketplace?

Then you’re in the right place.

In this list, we’re going to share some of our favorite business ideas. They might seem out of the ordinary, but they could give you an idea for your next entrepreneurial venture.


1. Hangover Helpers

You know the feeling. You had one too many brewskies the night before. Now your head feels as though someone is hitting it continuously with a sledgehammer. Specifically, someone named Thor.

You might consider it a consequence worth suffering if you had a good night. However, one business venture is committed to making sure you don’t have to brave it alone.

The Hangover Helpers will provide you with a cooked breakfast in the morning. In addition, they will clean your entire apartment of the remnants of the night’s revels.

You’ll still have a headache, but at least you won’t have to clear away any beer bottles.

What can this business teach us? That novelty can pay off in spades.


2. The Mat Factory

You probably don’t appreciate your doormat as much as you should. It’s your home’s front-line defense against having dirt traipsed through it at every opportunity. And do you thank it? Probably not.

But The Mat Factory is a company on a mission to help you appreciate mats. Whether you’re considering purchasing outdoor mats, bath mats or any other kind of mat, this is your one-stop shop. What’s more, The Mat Factory will even personalize your mat for you.

What can this business teach us? That even an everyday household item can have a unique selling point.




3. I Want to Draw a Cat for You

The kind of idea that could only exist on the Internet, I Want to Draw a Cat For You pretty much did what the name says.

Feline enthusiast Steve Gadlin enjoyed hand drawing pictures of cats, posting them online and selling them to people across the globe.

He would rustle you up a fat cat, a thin cat, a sleeping cat. You get the idea.

And did this business venture work? Well, before it closed its doors, Steve sold 18,794 pictures at a profit of $9.23 each. Sounds like a success to us!

What can this business teach us? People are happy to shell out for a niche product if they feel entertained.


4. Pet Rock

The Pet Rock is a classic among weird business idea aficionados.

And it’s as simple as it sounds. You can buy a rock and keep it as a pet.

Gary Dahl came up with this idea in 1975, and has made a cool $15 million since.

This might seem sillier than Billy Bass or Furbies, but it certainly worked.

What can this business teach us? Even the most outrageous ideas can sell if you market them properly.


5. The Anger Room

A business idea so strange that it’s been featured on numerous television shows, Anger Room is like the best therapy session you’ve ever had.

This is a company that will rent you a room that is equipped with furniture and office equipment that you can destroy with a variety of weaponry. So picture your boss and batter that office desk into a million pieces!

What can this business teach us? That a lot of people need a fun and safe outlet for their aggressive and angry feelings.



Can You Think of More?

So that’s our list. Can you think of any other strange ideas for businesses?