Feeling Burnt Out? A Mental Health Holiday Could Be What You Need

Feeling Burnt Out? A Mental Health Holiday Could Be What You Need

It’s tough being an entrepreneur. You deal with stress on an everyday basis. So now and then, you need to step back and take a mental health holiday.

Nearly every industry is becoming more and more competitive. And you probably feel as if you can’t afford to take even five minutes for yourself.

However, if you don’t make the time to take care of your body and your mind, before long your business will be suffering right along with you. When things get like that for you, you probably are not nearly as productive as you’d like to think you are.To reduce the burn out while managing your business and improve brain functions try to take some supplements like Nootropics and smart drugs. To know more about it check nad.com to learn more.

On the other hand, if you take some time to relax and enjoy your life, you’ll come back to your business with renewed enthusiasm. What’s more, you’re bound to be more productive than you were before your break.

Below, we offer some suggestions for some quick and easy getaways that will leave your spirit refreshed.


Have Some Boundaries, for Pete’s Sake!

Limit the number of hours you work each day to no more than 9 or 10, and take at least one day off each week. I know it can be difficult to call it quits, especially as you near a goal. However, if you push yourself beyond human endurance your decision-making skills will be less than optimum. And the work you do when your body and mind need rest is bound to be below par, as well.

Spend your evening hours with friends and family. Being with the people you love will remind you of at least one of the reasons why you work as hard as you do.

Play a Video Game

To provide yourself with a real sense of escape, choose a game that’s as unlike your business as possible. For one example, one of 2017’s hottest new video games is called Night in the Woods. It is available for Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game centers around the story of 20-year-old Mae, who has returned to her hometown after dropping out of college.

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Do Something Physical

If you spend most of your working hours in front of a computer screen, your body is probably longing to move, whether you realize it or not. Play a round or two of golf. Spend an hour at the gym, ride a bicycle, take a hike with friends. If you’re so inclined, engage both body and mind by learning one of the martial arts. Any one of these activities can provide just the right mental health holiday to boost your spirits and renew your drive.

Take a Mental Health Holiday at Your Desk

If the heat is on and you really can’t afford to take much time, but you’re feeling stressed out, just stop. This doesn’t have to take long. Close the door to your office, turn off the ringer on your phone, and put your computer in sleep mode. Set the timer on your phone for 15 minutes.

Now, lean back in your chair and get comfortable. Close your eyes and take several long, deep breaths. Concentrate on the feeling of the air as it passes through your nose, down your throat, and into your lungs. Notice how your belly rises and falls. If any thoughts intrude, simply let them float past without giving them much attention. They’ll still be waiting for you when you finish.

Allow your body and your mind to fully relax until the timer goes off. There, now. Doesn’t that feel better?

Read a Book

If you must, read a business book that will give you a leg up in your field. But if you really want a mental health holiday, pick up a good work of fiction. You can find a current list of popular favorites at Goodreads, complete with reviews from other readers to guide you toward something you’ll truly enjoy.

Use Your Imagination

If one of our suggestions doesn’t hit the mark for you, come up with more on your own, and be sure to share it with other business owners.

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