Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Newly Opened Coffee Shop

You finally found and successfully launched your own coffee shop. It has been your dream since you were old enough to dream of opening your own business. You love coffee, you love people, so the best choice for you was to open the coffee shop of your dreams.

Now, the ink is barely dry on the lease papers you signed. And you look around and realize you have no idea how to maintain the spanking new shop you are standing in. Never fear. Read on below for a few of the top tips for maintaining your newly opened coffee shop.


Maintain Your Equipment

You probably already know that you are going to need top-of-the-line equipment if you hope to draw in the coffee lovers in your town. The trick is not to forget to maintain that equipment the way that you should. That includes everything from grinder burr maintenance to replacing coffee makers when they are getting slow and old. Maintaining your equipment is the first step in ensuring that your coffee shop is the success you want it to be.

Hire the Right Type of Staff

A coffee shop is a place where people gather to read, write, work, or just to hang with friends. You really don’t need employees in your coffee shop who don’t want to be there and who act like it’s an imposition to wait on your customers. Screen your employees carefully to ensure they have the right type of personality to be working in a coffee shop. A friendly staff that really cares about your customers is the key to a successful business that has repeat customers galore.

Keep It Simple

When coffee lovers think of their local coffee shop, they usually think of it as warm, cozy, and the place they want to be. Keep it simple when it comes to making it cozy and warm. The one thing to remember is that you need to start with a simple menu as well. Don’t try to go all out and have every choice under the sun. Instead, poll your target audience, do your research and determine what your customers want. You can always add and take away from the menu later on. But in the beginning, simple is best.

Keep Those Loyalty Cards on Hand

A happy customer is a loyal customer. This should be your motto when running and maintaining a coffee shop. The best way to show that you truly care about your customers and appreciate their loyalty is by keeping loyalty cards on hand. Make sure that the card is sturdy and easy for them to keep in their pockets or purses.

Instruct your employees to ask for that card and offer one if the customer is new to your shop. Loyalty cards show your customers that you appreciate their business, and they keep them coming back.

Keep It Clean

This might be obvious, but it still bears saying. Keeping your coffee shop clean is paramount to making your customers feel at home. You want to go for cozy, clean, and warm when maintaining your coffee shop, so that means not just cleaning the surface.

These are just a few of the top tips for maintaining your newly opened coffee shop. From maintaining your equipment to keeping it clean, these tips will help you constantly be busy with customers who appreciate not only your shop but your brand as well.