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5 Profitable Businesses You Could Start Today with Little Money

5 Profitable Businesses You Could Start Today with Little Money

Jumping from the daily 9-5 routine of working for someone else to becoming your own boss can seem like an all-too-distant dream. Nonetheless, ideas for profitable businesses you might want to start float through your mind day and night.

However, you fear that there simply isn’t a sufficiently strong market for the business idea that most appeals to you. Or you might be afraid that most businesses would require you to spend money you currently lack.

But wait. You could actually be mistaken on both counts. Here are some ideas for exciting and profitable businesses that would require only a modest financial outlay.




Developing Mobile Apps

We use our smartphones for a huge range of activities these days. Listening to music, shopping, keeping in touch with friends…. The list goes on. It shouldn’t surprise us, then, that the mobile app market is booming. As a matter of fact, reports that it generated about $37bn in revenue in 2017.

You could develop a mobile app—and at pleasantly little financial expense. However, before you proceed, carefully consider what functionality and target audience your app will have.


Selling Creative Work

There are various creative fields in which selling your creative work—even to a global market—can be delightfully simple. Those fields include photography, art, music and literature.

You would also have flexibility over how you sell the work. You could easily upload your music, for example, to an online shop. Then you could sell it as downloads.

On the other hand, if you like working on art, you might already have many pieces of art. You could create an online store where customers could view your work and place orders. Or, you could take advantage of the opportunity afforded by a site such as Etsy. Then you could simply mail the pieces to customers when they purchase them.


Teaching Online Courses

If you have already built up a formidable body of knowledge about a particular subject, you could teach that knowledge to other people through providing online courses.

When going down this route, however, you might need to spend a lot of time creating the courses. Then you would need to set up your website before you could start selling anything. All the same, your cash outlay should be pretty light.

Furthermore, once your site has started making money, some occasional marketing efforts would be all you would need to put forth in order to keep that income steady.



If you are the kind of person who can effortlessly absorb numbers in a way that amazes your friends, you might be an awesome bookkeeper in the making!

You can take your training through online courses. Your aim should be to get certified with a professional body. For instance, that body in the UK is the Association of Accounting Technicians. Training for that certification will cost you only about £40. Your local community will have many small businesses that could benefit from your bookkeeping, says Money Nuggets.



Being a Lifestyle Coach

All of us can easily lose our way in our efforts to thrive. However, you might be able to help others get back on track by becoming a lifestyle coach.

Whether you will be assisting people with their relationships, their careers, their personal development or something else, don’t overlook insurance concerns. For example, you could compare multi bike insurance if you will often be traveling to provide your coaching services widely. This is important, because you would be legally barred from driving a motorbike on UK roads if you lack the right insurance.


Get Started Today

So if what you really want to do with your life is start your own business, don’t wait. Take the first steps today and be on your way!