Exhibiting at a Trade Show? Here’s How to Do It Right

One of the most exciting ways to build your brand is by exhibiting your wares at a trade show.

A trade show can be a lively and glamorous affair. Plus, you’ll be able to learn a lot about what’s going on in your industry while you’re there.

To make the most of your trade show experience, start planning well in advance. You’ll want to have all the elements in place well before the show opens. And during the show, take advantage of the opportunity to find out more about your target audience as well as your competitors.


Choose the Right Trade Show for You

These days, you have your pick of trade shows. They’re everywhere and all the time. And since taking your brand on the road can be an expensive proposition, choose the shows you attend carefully and strategically.

Attend the shows you know your target audience is interested in. For instance, if your company is firmly situated within the beauty products industry, you might want to attend the International Beauty Show in New York.

Secure a Great Location

Most of the time, when you’re registering to attend a trade show, you’ll have the option to secure a great location by paying an additional fee. By all means, take advantage of this opportunity whenever you can. However, these prime locations tend to sell out fast, sometimes as much as a year in advance. So once you’ve decided to attend, act fast.

Don’t Skimp on Your Booth

When it comes to designing your booth, pick an attractive design, use bright colors, and install good lighting. If possible, hire a professional designer. Trade show display companies can help you make your booth stand out from all the other booths in the display hall.

To keep costs down, consider renting elements of your display.

Make It Welcoming

Most of all, you want your booth to be inviting and welcoming. Staff it with your friendliest, most outgoing personnel. However, make sure that at least one company expert is on site at all times to answer the technical questions that visitors are sure to ask.

Keep in mind that while trade shows are great places for promoting your brand, your trade show experience will be more rewarding for you if you approach it as a networking event rather than as a selling event.

Therefore, be sure to have plenty of business cards on hand. Also, remember to collect cards from booth visitors as well. Those cards will be your best resource when you’re planning for next year’s show.

If you have the room, set aside an area near your booth where visitors can take a break. A simple arrangement of a few comfortable chairs can make your booth a popular spot among trade show attendees. Provide some free snacks and water bottles bearing your logo, and they’ll be sure to remember you, too.

Before the Trade Show

Make sure everyone who’s anyone knows you’re going to the show. Put the word out on all your social channels. You could even go so far as to offer special incentives to your social media contacts who are also planning to attend.

Reach out to clients well ahead of time, too, to set up in-booth meetings a day or two before the show actually opens.

Highlight Your Brand’s Individuality

Turn to the services of the best web hosting you can afford so that your website looks as spiffy as your trade show booth in the days that lead up to the big show.

Supportive web hosting will allow you to stand out with confidence. Choose a cutting edge web hosting service that will give you a variety of features, including an online database and a dedicated server. A good web hosting service will be both reliable and affordable. Plus, you can even choose to have an online gadget display at the trade show, giving booth visitors a chance to view your entire unique line.

Remember to Bring the Goodies

Be sure to have lots of promotional items on hand to give away to your booth visitors. Pens, bags, and coffee mugs pre-printed with your brand are among trade show favorites. Even more popular are electronic gadgets pre-printed with your logo, such as thumb drives or memory sticks.

Additionally, offer a well written white paper. But make sure it contains useful and up-to-the-minute information. Done right, such a paper could draw lots of people in your industry to your booth.

After the Show

When the show is over and you’re back in your office, don’t waste any time in following up on leads. If you’ve done things right, you’ve spent plenty of money and invested a good bit of time on this trade show. By following up quickly, you’ll be sure to get the best possible return on your investment.