American Power and Gas CEO Talks about Energy Conservation

American Power and Gas CEO Talks about Energy Conservation

Energy conservation has become a controversial topic in the geopolitical space. Nearly everyone talks about it, and a lot of people are working to conserve energy. However, reports indicate that we continue to waste it.

American Power and Gas, a quickly growing energy company, is working hard to help people understand the importance of energy conservation. The company works to provide Americans with renewable energy at affordable prices. Its CEO, Tom Cummins, spoke to us about the venture and the importance of preserving energy.


Here’s what he had to say.

1. We Need to Think of the Future

The energy we use in our homes and businesses comes from natural resources. Therefore, it is limited.

Traditional ways of generating energy are becoming more and more expensive. This is simply because natural resources are becoming scarce. We therefore need to be careful about how much we use. If we’re not careful, we won’t have energy as we now know it in the future.

Think of natural gas, which is one of the most useful natural resources. It’s used to generate energy, but reserves of natural gas are continually decreasing because we are using that resource rapidly.

“The experts are not wrong. We have limited supplies, and if we are not smart about it, we’ll soon have no oil or other such resources left,” warns Cummins.

He adds, “This is why renewable energy is great. You don’t have to worry about wastage here. For example, sunlight is out there for all of us to use, so why not use it in a way that benefits us all?”


2. We Have to Control Costs

Energy bills are increasing day by day. According to Cummins, he started his company mainly because he wanted to provide people with affordable energy solutions. In addition, he wanted to prevent further damage to the environment.

Cummins says, “The start was not very easy for us. We only had a few sales callers about 15 years ago. But today our business is nearly half a billion dollars. This is great growth, and it also shows that people are looking for ways to reduce costs.”

In short, people are looking for affordable solutions.

Lots of consumers live in difficult financial situations, and they want to save as much money as they can. For some households, energy bills eat up 20% of the household’s total income. People have to work hard to pay for those energy costs.




3. Energy Consumption Affects the Environment

If we want to live in a healthy environment, then we need to reduce energy consumption. Less energy use means less pollution. Less pollution means a healthier environment. And a healthier environment is important for every being on the planet.

The good news is that thanks to better technology, we use less energy today than we did even a few years ago. Energy-efficient products help us to save around 52 quads of energy each year. This amount of energy can power a dozen states for an entire year.

While this is good news, we need to save still more energy—or turn to alternative solutions. If we don’t, we will deplete our stores of natural resources.

Cummins says, “People have understood the importance of saving energy, but we need to do a little more.” He continues, “Nobody wants to live in an unhealthy environment. If we do not make a move today, it may be too late to save this planet.”

The use of renewable energy can help to reduce pollution as well as reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. In fact, according to reports, the US already produces fewer harmful gases than it did 10 years ago. This reduction in energy consumption has a lot to do with the use of renewable energy.



4. Energy Conservation Is Good for the Economy

“When we think about conserving energy, we only think as individuals. In reality, energy saving can help governments as well,” says Cummins.

Energy efficiency can save the government around $500 billion a year. Moreover, energy-efficient jobs create more jobs. As companies worked harder over the last few years to become more energy-efficient, they created roughly 10,000 jobs in the process. At the same time, they offered consumers more affordable options. Further, companies all around the world continue to work on finding innovations that will help save energy.

Cummins says of his company, “We entered the market at a time when renewable energy was not very heavily used. But today there are new businesses offering renewable energy for consumers. However, we still reign supreme, not only because we are pioneers in the field, but also because we have carved a niche and we know what customers really want.”

More and more people are becoming aware of the dire need for energy conservation, and things are beginning to change. However, says Cummins, “A lot of people don’t know how to save energy. Being educated about the benefits of sustainable forms of energy generation can make a lot of difference.”