Your New Business Can Be About More Than Just Making Lots of Money

One of the likely reasons an entrepreneur decides to start a new business is because he or she has a knack for turning ideas into profits.

Many people are good with money. Still others are ingenious about coming up with ideas that resonate lots of people. But a good business owner can handle both of those extremes and tie them up in a single package. As a result, they can make an impact in the larger business world. This can be true even if their new business comes from humble beginnings. Further, they can become wealthy in the process, thereby making a better life for themselves and their families.




Is That All There Is?

But a business should be about more than just making a hefty profit. Otherwise, the business world would be entirely self-interested. Everyday people would come to feel the brunt of this cutthroat attitude. Certainly, there are some companies that are only concerned with their own bottom line, as evidenced by their willingness to sacrifice their best intentions to service their profits.

However, you don’t have to allow your new business to fall into that trap. Ultimately, including notions like philanthropy and generosity in your business plan will be a boon to all involved. As the business owner, you will ultimately benefit, as will your employees who carry out your initiatives and the customers who benefit from those initiatives.

As an example of a businesswoman who has combined financial success with concern for her fellow human beings, Jamileh Kharrazi has few peers. Her work champions women’s rights and provides educational services for those who lack resources. However, her philanthropic pursuits do not in any way run counter to her business dealings. Here are some of the reasons you should follow her lead.



Public Support

When your customers see that you are providing something that may not increase your profits but works toward the greater good, they are more likely to give you their loyalty. In short, your altruistic tendencies can actually can make your business more profitable in the long run.


Community Impact

Even a well run business will have a hard time succeeding if the community which they are a part of is rundown and stricken by poverty or other social ills. However, your company could step into the fray and provide help for those less fortunate. When you do, your new business will help to create a better environment for everyone in your community.


Improving the World One Business at a Time

You might think you can’t have much of an effect on society’s problems, especially if you run a business of modest proportions. The problem is, if everyone thinks this way, no one will step up to the challenge.

But you could be that business leader who changes your customers’ lives for the better. You can do this by providing more than just the goods and services you offer for a fee.

These are just some of the ways that your new business can be successful while doing good in the world. What’s more, you won’t have to consult your profit-and-loss statement to make these efforts.

You can be someone who improves the business world as well as the world at large—and the community’s perception of your new business will improve as well.