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The Best Ways to Remove Time Stamps from Photos in 2018

The Best Ways to Remove Time Stamps from Photos in 2018

Let’s say you have some photos on your phone that you want to use in some Facebook ads. The only problem is, they all have time stamps on them. This article will give you some solutions for getting rid of time stamps.




Best Ways to Remove Time Stamps from Photos in 2018

Simple-to-use photo editing tools can help you to get rid of time stamps on your photos. Basically, there are two techniques you can choose from.


1. Crop to Remove Time Stamp

One of the easiest ways to remove a time stamp from a photo is to crop the photo.

There are two basic methods for cropping photos. If you’re using a PC with Windows, MS Paint will be your go-to tool. On the other hand, if you’re a Mac user, access the Photo app, where you can easily edit your images.


How to Crop Images on Windows with Paint

Windows Paint gives you one of the easiest ways to edit images on Windows. Since it comes as a built-in tool, you won’t need to load the app to your system. Cropping images on Paint is actually pretty easy to do.

First, open the app on your system. Then go to the file menu and open your editable photo file. Next, you can use either of the following two techniques:

  • Crop your image in a rectangular shape. Do this by selecting the rectangular crop option from the Paint app. Click on the image and drag the cursor to select the area you want to crop. When you’re ready, hit the crop button and save your cropped image to your desired folder.
  • Crop your image in a free-form shape. To do this, hit the black arrow below the Select button and choose a free-form shape. Crop the image by dragging the mouse on your desired path, then hit the crop button. Save your image.

How to Crop Images with the Photo App on a Mac

You can easily edit images on Mac using the Photo app. Before you can do this, you’ll have to update your Mac to the latest Mac OS X using Yosemite. It’s worth it, though, because you’ll find the Photo app simple to use. Load the image, then double click on it to start editing. Use the rectangular or square drag tool to crop the image. Hit the crop button, then save the image to your desired folder.

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It’s worth noting that the crop tool is a basic tool that’s available in both the Mac Photo and MS Paint apps. However, it won’t provide you with ideal results. Most of the time, for professional-looking results, you’re going to have to use advanced photo editing tools.


2. Remove the Time Stamp with Fotophire

If you need a high-quality solution to deal with your photo editing and time stamp removal jobs, try Fotophire’s feature-rich photo editing toolkit as an inexpensive alternative to Photoshop. The company offers a free trial of their app. However, images edited in the free version will have a Fotophire watermark on them.

Therefore, to get the best results, you’ll need to turn to the paid version. Fotophire is easy to use, and it will remove unwanted elements from your image with just a few clicks.

There are two ways you can go about removing time and date stamps from images using Fotophire.

Method 1: Using the Erase Tool

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Go to the Erase tab, which you’ll find on the right side of the toolbar. Choose the tool for date stamp removal. The selection rectangle tool will give you any geometric shape you need to cover specific areas of the image.

Also, you can use the Selection brush. This has a variable brush size slider to help you more precisely select the area on the photo that you wish to edit. Once you have selected the desired portion on your image, hit the Erase button and it will remove that element from your image.

Method 2: Using the Clone Tool

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The Clone tab is just below the Erase tab. In order to use this tool accurately, you’ll have to choose the right source point size and brush size. The size of a source point and brush will help to determine dimensions of the area that you want to copy. These values are specific to different segments of the image, so you’ll need to make accurate adjustments for editing. To clone the specific area, hold the Alt key and select the area. Then drag your selected portion over the unwanted time or date stamp. If you need more precision, you can simply zoom or pan the area.



Use Your Best Photos to Good Advantage

Hopefully, this article has given you the information you need. Now you can remove those unsightly time stamps and start using some of the great photos on your phone to help promote your business.