3 Creative Ways to Buy Wholesale Items in Bulk

Whether you own a retail storefront in your local city or host a shop online, buying wholesale items in bulk has its advantages.

Unless you sell your own handmade products, buying products at wholesale and selling them at a retail price is the foundation of a good business. Even if you do feature your own creations in your store, you can add items to attract more customers by buying additional wholesale items.

Deciding what to buy is the most exciting aspect of owning a retail store. However, it takes skill and know-how to distinguish between what your customers want and what will just sit on the shelves.

Whether you sell items based on your passions, market trends, or market needs, below are some of the most popular ways to buy low-cost products of any kind that will be the right items for your shop.




1. Liquidation Centers

In the past, suppliers did not have channels to sell their returned or unsold merchandise. Today, selling these items in bulk allows suppliers to reap some income on products that would otherwise sit in a warehouse. This also allows retailers to make a quick buck as well.

Liquidation centers house bulk items that retailers bid on. The highest bidder can then turn around and resell the items for a profit. For example, you can buy Walmart liquidation merchandise such as toys, housewares, tools, automotive, electronics, and more.

You can buy products by the pallet, or even by the truckload. Buying from liquidation centers benefits retailers because it cuts out the middleman, saves time, and is less risky since you can view everything before you bid.


2. Wholesale Online

Buying items wholesale can save the retailer a lot of money. In fact, most companies increase the discount as the customer’s order increases. This is good news for the retailer, who typically has the capital and the storage space to buy a large quantity at one time.

For instance, if you own a convenience store that offers a wide range of items, you can find discounted items in bulk to stock your shelves. For example, you’ll find items such as candy bars, personal hygiene items, and even flavored JUUL pods for vaping.

A lot of wholesalers keep in-demand items in stock, so they never run out. They are also stocked with the market’s newest items. Therefore, having a good relationship with your wholesaler will keep you in the know.


3. Community Sales

Retailers also source wholesale items in their own communities. Keep an eye out for local artisans who offer promotional sales.

Even your big box stores have overstock or closeout sales. This is where retailers find low-cost goods that they can resell for a profit.

If time permits, peruse thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales for special finds that you can resell. Before you buy, however, make sure the quality of the item or items is up to par.




Shop with your style and the style of your customers in mind. With the right marketing, you can get any product into the hands of your buyer.