8 Ways to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

Photo by Omkar Patyane from Pexels

Instagram is an attractive marketing platform for most businesses. It has the highest engagement rates of any social network.

However, it can be a struggle finding your footing at first. Sometimes spreading awareness and gaining real Instagram followers is a slow, trial-and-error process.

Building an Instagram following doesn’t have to be difficult, though. This article will go over 8 ways that you can successfully promote your business on that platform.


1. Deliver High-Quality Content on Instagram

If there’s a simple truth to Instagram, it’s this: You need to put effort into your content in order to achieve Instagram growth. Hence, you have to check the top Instagram growth service to choose one for yourself.

Instagram is a visually driven platform. There is an endless stream of talented users posting gorgeous, eye-catching photos and videos on a daily basis. So if you put up an ugly snapshot with poor framing and dim lighting, then it’s likely going to get skipped over.

Consider it a competitive environment. Always strive to give your viewers the best content you can create. Invest in making your images look as professional as possible.

2. Post on a Regular Basis

Drawing attention to your account can be a difficult endeavor. That’s why tools like ViralRace, which boosts your posts with real Instagram likes, are becoming increasingly popular among businesses on Instagram.

Another way you can get noticed is by maintaining a high level of visibility. In other words, you should post more often. While posting at least once a day would be good, publishing multiple times throughout the day would be ideal.

While you’re at it, you should also try to develop a schedule. Posting consistently at peak hours will help you reach your target audience better.

3. Socialize and Get Involved in Communities

Something that too many businesses forget is that Instagram is a primarily meant for socializing and connecting with others. It’s a social network, after all.

Engage with your audience in meaningful ways. Follow other users, like their posts, and leave comments whenever you can. You could even strike up a conversation if you want to. Showing sincere interest in others will gain their trust and show them that your business actually cares.

Try asking questions in the captions of your posts. Instagram users usually love to share their opinions with you.

4. Optimize Your Profile

You always want to make a great first impression. On Instagram, it can be enough to make a viewer decide if they want to follow you or move on with their browsing.

Take a look at your profile page. Think about what the different elements on it communicate about your brand. Everything should come together to convey its image in a clear and cohesive manner.

Pick a profile picture that not only represents your business, but also scales down well, too. Write a bio that’s informative, yet full of personality. Include a link in the bio to your website or store.

Finally, put care into the presentation of your feed. You can add some extra visual flair to your page with how your posts are arranged and ordered.

5. Use Hashtags and Make Your Own

If you want to be discovered on Instagram, you need to use hashtags. Instagram’s search function is based around the tags and locations that people attach to their posts.

There are plenty of pre-existing hashtags that you can use. You could also come up with your own branded hashtag as well. These are particularly useful when you are running a campaign, as they are easy to track and can help expand your reach.

6. Pay Attention to What’s Trending

One of the best ways to gain traction on any social network is to capitalize on trends and current topics. You can use this to inform your content, whether you utilize a popular aesthetic style or depict a subject that’s been getting a lot of discussion.

For example, a lot of brands like to use new memes right as they’re blowing up. Additionally, humor is a key part of virality. Yet you should be careful before doing so. Make sure to research the meme and its connotations first. The backlash against using a controversial one can damage your reputation.

7. Hold a Contest or Giveaway

Nothing motivates viewers more than a free prize. Holding a contest or giveaway is a quick and surefire method to drive engagement.

Whatever you choose to do, you should give your entrants some requirements to participate. For instance, you could ask them to follow your account and include a branded hashtag on their submission post.

If you’re running a contest based around user-generated content, you could offer to feature the winners on your own feed. You could also create a page where people can vote on their favorite submission. This will encourage participants to share the link with friends and family.

8. Partner up with Influencers

Influencers are an important part of any brand’s internet marketing strategy. If you can tap into their built-in audience, then it could bring a great deal of attention to your business.

To find appropriate influencers for your brand, check who members of your target demographics are following. Alternatively, you could look around the Discover People section on the Explore page.

Once you’ve reached out to a receptive influencer, there are a variety of things that you could do together. You could send them products to review, or collaborate on a “takeover” where they get to decide what content you post to your feed.


Instagram, used thoughtfully and well, can be a major cornerstone in your online marketing efforts.