Going Local: 4 Ways Great Businesses Serve Their Communities

Are you thinking of going local with a startup? Have we got some ideas for you!

It’s easy for budding entrepreneurs to waste time racking their brains for a business model that’s completely original.

And sometimes innovation doesn’t pay off. For example, for every flourishing Dell Technologies there’s a DeLorean that conspicuously fails.

The best businesses often keep it simple. That is, they focus on providing the goods, services and entertainment the people in their neighborhoods need most.

So if you’re thinking of going local with a startup, here are 4 ways great businesses serve their communities.





Football is big business. And many of the most successful clubs are owned by billionaires.

On the other hand, smaller clubs can struggle to retain their best players. Consequently, a sustained period of poor results can threaten their survival.

Nonetheless, there are a few community-owned football clubs that have been rescued from going bust by fans. They continue to move forward with different principles that prioritize the needs of their home towns.

Therefore, if you’re moving into a new area, consider becoming a sponsor for this type of club. It will bring your company positive exposure from local sports fans.

And you can even provide corporate entertainment for business contacts. It’s a win-win situation.



Fresh Food

If you want to make a quick buck in a vibrant city district, selling fast food fits the bill.

But it could also be contributing to the declining health of residents.

Locals recently collaborated in a plan to provide fresh food in Brixton. Their target audience includes families that are tired of the damage done by high-fat takeaway food.

Residents are creating a new food system that sources fresh local ingredients and sells fruits and vegetables to commuters. It even includes healthy cookery classes.

So setting up a food retail business that serves tasty and healthy meals as an alternative to fast food franchises could be an excellent business plan.


Legal Advice

When ordinary people get caught up in legal proceedings, it’s often difficult for them to secure legal representation.

Fees can be high and the nearest solicitor might specialize in a completely different legal discipline.

The end result is often that it’s very difficult to secure a positive outcome.

But lawyers who serve their local communities in areas like criminal law, childcare, divorce and family law, housing and residential conveyancing are crucial to residents.

So whether you’re setting up as solicitors in Leeds or lawyers in London, make sure your services satisfy community demands.



The world abounds with pet lovers. As such, it’s difficult to walk down the street in many locales without passing a pampered pooch or carefree cat.

But owners with busy lifestyles can sometimes struggle to offer their animals the care and attention they deserve.

So animal lovers who want to climb the corporate ladder need the services of competent and caring pet sitters. They don’t want to have to give up their furry family members, and you could help them.

This type of business can be profitable. However, be sure that you’re confident with animals and don’t suffer from allergies.


Feeling Inspired?

If you’re thinking of going local with your next entrepreneurial project, these 4 ways local businesses serve their communities should provide some inspiration.