Still Faxing? The Growing Need for Online Fax

Believe it or not, traditional faxing is still in use, despite widespread reliance upon both secure and unsecure email. That’s because many businesses still have a need to be able to send and receive faxes securely while maintaining data privacy and integrity. But did you know faxing can now be done faster and more easily online? An online fax enables users to send sensitive data more securely than they could with email. Additionally, online faxing completely eliminates the need to have a personal fax machine in your home or office.

The use of online faxing has continued to spread across the world. This is primarily true in the real estate and technology industries. That’s because it provides a more efficient and secure alternative to traditional fax machines and emailing. Services like eFax allow real estate business owners and brokers to buy and sell properties securely and easily. They simply send and receive important documents by way of online faxes, using their existing email accounts.




Why Online Fax?

Online fax services handle documents more efficiently than a fax machine does, regardless of physical location. This allows businesses to communicate with their clients more quickly. An online fax service is not only faster. It’s also cheaper. Individuals can send faxes from virtually anywhere at a small fraction of the cost of maintaining a fax machine and phone line. At the same time, they maintain complete confidence in the security of their faxed documents.

Online fax services can help you to manage your documents in ways that can prevent potential challenges with clients down the road. Online storage means you can access your fax documents securely from just about anywhere, too. Plus, more advanced tagging and search capabilities mean you can find the document you’re looking for in a snap.

The learning curve for online fax is even lower than that of traditional faxing. If you can browse a website or send an email, you can send, receive, view, store and retrieve online faxes. In addition, you’ll no longer have to worry about the poor printing quality and jams that come with using a fax machine. Forget about the hassle of paper, maintenance, and printing costs. The benefits of using online fax become immediately apparent once you give it a try.



How to Send an Online Fax

Services like eFax allow you to quickly send documents in digital format. Integration of eFax with Outlook and Google Drive makes retrieving and faxing documents even easier. You’ll enjoy a streamlined and efficient process.

Perhaps your business relies on extensive faxing of critical documents. Or maybe you just need to be able to send and receive faxes when necessary. Whatever your needs, eFax offers several plans to suit your situation. They also offer specialized services for medical and institutional customers who may have greater security and privacy requirements.

A one-month trial allows you to get a feel for the service before you decide whether it’s right for you. There can be no doubt that traditional faxing is on its way out. However, online fax offers superior capabilities across the board. It is a much more elegant and effective solution for those who still need to integrate faxing into their business.