5 Ways Corporate Videos Will Help Your Business

In recent years, social media has become a much more prevalent form of advertising. It seems as if all businesses, small and enormous, are flocking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter to post their own original content, including videos. The race is on to show consumers why their brands are the best.

Companies are sharing text, audio, pictures, video, and more in the struggle to wrestle over impressionable viewers. However, there is one type of media that gets the job done better than the rest—video. As included in Clum Creative’s corporate video guide, “a large number of marketers agree that video leads to more meaningful discussions than other types of media.”

Although many businesses may view this news as meaning that they can just blindly upload videos to reap these benefits, this practice actually requires a great deal more deliberation. Those marketers already harnessing the power of video are clearly experienced with the craft. Therefore, new marketers who want to become involved in making successful corporate videos need to educate themselves beforehand.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why corporate videos are the best form of spreading brand influence. After reading these, hopefully you’ll be inspired to try your hand at making your own marketing video.




1. Potential for Lots of Views

As stated before, videos have some of the highest rates of consumer interaction. That is, individuals talk most about brands they’ve seen in videos or similar media. The power in this is that there is the potential for lots of views over social media. But first, you have to strike the right chord.

Users fond of a certain video have the power to make it go viral, spreading it across multiple platforms and the Internet in general. Creating your own videos is certainly worth it, then, for the benefits of better marketing your brand. And a viral video could give your brand the chance to become wildly popular on social media. With the right people on the job and a good idea, you can make a video that’ll spread like wildfire.


2. Explore Multiple Ideas

Although making one good video requires focus, that isn’t to say looking ahead is a bad practice. In fact, planning multiple videos at a time can be helpful. This can save you time, for one thing. For another, you’ll have a chance to playtest certain ideas to see if they’ll actually be successful in implementation. After all, churning out popular videos again and again is much easier said than done.

Companies that can rule out worse ideas for videos earlier on save money. What’s more, they also save manpower in production, filming, and brainstorming. Besides, perhaps the act of creating one video will lend insight into how another one can be modified. Overall, exploring multiple ideas can greatly increase your intuition for what makes corporate videos click with audiences.


3. Practice Marketing Skills

One of the cardinal tenets of making a successful marketing video is assertive advertising. Sure, making the video is hard enough, but without viewers, that work goes to waste. Therefore, marketers should take whatever opportunities they have to advertise their brand’s video. Include it in social media posts, email signatures, word-of-mouth, whatever is necessary.

While marketing your video might seem unnecessary when you’ve made the video to market your brand, think of selling your video to your audience as practice for your personal marketing skills. While it may seem tedious, it is a necessary skill. You need to be able to speak in a personable fashion to other people. And marketing your video provides that practice, while at the same time advertising your brand as a whole.



4. Hiring the Right People

The process of making an impressive video requires a lot of moving parts. For instance, you’ll need writers, cinematographers, editors, producers, and so on. Where do all these people come into play? While it’s your role as marketers to find the right people for these jobs, in doing so you are organically connecting with skilled workers who could perform future jobs for your brand and serve as lasting connections.

Therefore, the making of a corporate video requires a lot of time investment. However, by the end of the process, you’ve equipped yourself with people and resources to continue making videos. Thereafter, you’ll be prepared to further your brand awareness on social media and beyond.


5. Taking a Look at Analytics

The final way making a corporate video will benefit you is a little more subtle. Part of fully understanding audience interaction with your videos is by looking to analytics. There are tons of third-party applications that provide helpful insights into how viewers perceive your videos. By utilizing these apps, marketers can better understand what makes their videos successful. They can also come to know what changes they can make to improve in the future.

In addition, there is an aspect of analytics apps that automate social media with tons of features like scheduling posts, identifying which posts increased total followers, and so on. Analytics can be helpful with understanding your videos. Additionally, they have plenty of uses for marketing your brand on social media. Therefore, becoming acquainted with some of the software couldn’t hurt.