The Best Decor Trends for Your Home Office

One of the most exciting aspects of running a business from your home office is the opportunity to customize your work space.

In other words, the decor in your home office should reflect your business model, your schedule, and your personality. Taking time to appreciate these simple pleasures can help offset the stress that often comes with operating a business.

To create a home office space that is functional and welcoming, you will need more than just work materials. Decor elements will help you create an atmosphere that encourages you to face the world and conquer your goals. Here are some of the best home office decor trends of 2018.


Railings Rather Than Walls in Your Home Office

If your work space is small, having walls to separate it from the rest of your home can add anxiety and make you feel claustrophobic. This can be especially true if the natural lighting is limited. Rather than cordoning off a work space, many designers are using railing systems to create separation without boxing workers in. Railing options for your home office are varied. For example, they can include glass half walls and contemporary bar systems.

Using a railing rather than a wall is a great option if you have your office in a loft or sunken area of your home. If you have any plans of updating the railing on your stairs or deck, you can use the same railing design to add cohesion to your overall home decor.

Plant Life in Your Home Office

Humans are innately connected with nature. Unfortunately, however, many of us find it necessary to work inside most of the time. This connection to nature is called the biophilia hypothesis. This term refers to the fact that being with nature has both physical and mental health benefits.

For these reasons, incorporating plants into home office decor is becoming more popular with each passing year. Terrariums featuring succulents are commonly featured due to their pleasing aesthetic and low sunlight requirements. Others prefer to have ivy plants or other low-sun leafy greens. Some even go as far as to incorporate a green wall into their home office.

Motivation and Vision Boards

Many entrepreneurs find it beneficial to have a favorite quote or form of motivation framed and displayed in their home office. Others use letter boards that they can change to keep themselves inspired.

Vision boards take motivation to the next level by incorporating quotes, pictures, and goals in a visual setting. A vision board can remind business owners of the goals they are working toward. The constant visual reminder helps boost productivity and give direction to daily tasks.

Atmospheric Lighting

If you’ve spent a part of your career bathed in fluorescent lighting, then this trend is for you. Interior designers have been putting a lot of thought into lighting solutions in recent years. Certain types of lights have different effects on atmosphere and productivity. While there is nothing quite as beneficial as natural light in a work space, diffused, ambient light can make your work space comfortable and engaging.

When choosing where to put your lighting, be sure to keep it indirect. Consider where it might cast annoying shadows. You may decide to incorporate lamps or fixtures that fit your design theme and bring the room together.

Pops of Color

Offices, particularly ones in the privacy of your home, aren’t expected to adhere to neutral tones anymore. Many entrepreneurs find it inspiring to add a pop of color to contrast against white walls in an office area. While the white walls help reflect light and make the space feel larger, the pops of color are a way to add some personality and mood-boosting elements to the room.

Choose a color that appeals to you. Then paint the inside of your shelves, desk drawers, or a wooden chair. Alternatively, you could buy colorful office supplies that will add function as well as inspiration. Don’t just limit yourself to colors, however. Patterns on your furniture and window treatments can add texture to the room. Finally, a mishmash of assorted artwork in brightly colored frames is an easy way to change things up on a regular basis. If you have children, consider asking them to commission a few pieces to be framed in your work space.

Branded Work Spaces

Building a brand is one of the most important aspects of business ownership. Many entrepreneurs choose to remember this fact by incorporating their personal brand into their home office decor. By using the colors, styles, and even the overall feeling you hope to convey with your brand, you can create a work space that fits your vision.

If you have a home office where you conduct business meetings, this decor trend can help convey your seriousness as an entrepreneur. It speaks to foresight and cohesion with your business direction. This can seriously impress potential clients and investors.

When designing a home office, remember to incorporate the most important element of all: your personality. One of the reasons people venture out on their own in business is to create something that reflects their passion and goals. This is your throne room from which you will oversee your kingdom. It should reflect the things you most enjoy.