New to Game Development? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Are you new to game development? Or are you planning to develop a game? Then this article was written for you.

Here, we discuss some of the worst mistakes that beginning game developers make. Learn about them before you start your game development project. Also check out Allied Technology to get started.

Building Games, Not Technology

Don’t start developing your game by thinking that you will build a game engine. This is probably the worst mistake you can make as a beginning game developer.

This is because the engine that drives the game needs much more work than the game itself does. The game engine is the dark work, the work that no one will see.

If you’re working on the engine instead of the game, you’ll have no visual indicators that show your work in progress. Even with all the benefits of modern tools, libraries, and other materials, building the engine can be difficult. Leave the engine-building aspect of game development to the advanced programmers. As a beginner, focus instead on the game itself.


Choosing Too Big a Scope

Do not start your game development career by trying to make a big game your first time out. This is the problem that a lot of beginning game developers face. You will end up leaving it incomplete because the scope of your game is too massive.

Instead, begin your game development career by designing a smaller game, especially if you’re working alone. Start with a simple game that you can get your head around. Then the next time, take on a bigger game.

For your first game, start with an idea that excites you. Aim to get your game finished in a month or two. Then, with your newly acquired sense of accomplishment, try designing a larger game. This is how you will grow as a game developer.

After you’ve gotten a good sense of game development, if you want to design larger games, join up with a team of professional game developers. Remember that it can take up to a year for a team of 20 professional game developers working on professional gamer PC to build a big game.

Not Showing Your Game to Others

Showing people your game is important for multiple reasons. First of all, if you are isolated, you will begin to lose your motivation and even your interest in your project. There is a chance that you will end up abandoning it.

Also, you will have no accountability if you do not show your game progress to another person. Then, too, people will make suggestions that can help you to improve your game. They will keep you on track and hold you accountable. They will help you to stay motivated until you complete your game.

Trying to Please Everybody

On the other hand, if you pay attention to everyone’s opinions and suggestions, you’ll end up pleasing no one, including yourself. What’s the point of that?

So listen to your game’s fans, but learn to ignore the comments of those who are trying to distract you. Your fans will tell you what they like about your specific game. Their comments can help you enormously to make improvements to your game.

People we admire are the people who finish what they start, and that includes people in the game development field. The world wants more games. Therefore, finish making your game by avoiding the mistakes mentioned here.