3 Keys to Safely Transfer Files and Keep Your Business Moving

3 Keys to Safely Transfer Files and Keep Your Business Moving

You may be wondering how best to safely transfer files for your business. Your intellectual property is at the heart of your business. If it should become compromised in some way, your business would suffer. However, you often find it necessary to transfer files in order to keep your business flowing.

Perhaps you have tried several methods. Maybe you recently discovered that ordinary secure transfers just won’t cut it, for example.

If that’s the case, your business needs to upgrade to managed file transfers (MFT). For one thing, this method is more secure. For another, it’s also compliant. What’s more, with MFT, you can even automate transfers, so that you don’t always have to have an end user.

Below are three more ways MFT can help your business’s vital information to stay safe while keeping your business moving, without sacrificing convenience.




1. Information Plus Preparation

MFT solutions will open up a whole new world of transparency for you. Rather than scoping out file transfers one by one, managed file transfers let you see the bigger picture all at once. You’ll know right away who did what, and when. Who knows what you’ll do with all the time you’ll save?

In addition, you’ll have access to analytics that, depending on the product, you can even monitor in real time.

With regard to compliance, with MFT you’ll be prepared for all of your required reporting. As a result, regulatory nightmares will become a distant memory. Just visit https://www.ipswitch.com/moveit, where you’ll find audit preparation as well as other key features.


2. Enhanced Security

Wherever your data is going, it must be safe. MFT solutions are routinely safer than the average secure file transfer system. For example, they encrypt data, stay up to date on the latest security policies, and more.

And what if you have data that needs to stay secure, but has to sit somewhere else besides your home base? Because most MFT systems are flexible, they are also more secure. Choose either full or hybrid integration to the cloud. Then take advantage of MFT’s ability to operate across various platforms, and you won’t have to worry about gaps in security.

What’s more, you’ll have a choice of systems that can work with the tools you already use.



3. Portability

Wouldn’t it be great to spend some time away from the office? However, many a business owner has had to stay behind at the office to complete file transfers long after everyone else has gone home.

Have you become familiar with frustrating delays due to errors, incompatible scheduling, total failure, and more? When these things happen, forget about trying to resolve it yourself. Even coordinating a resolution to these problems is a major time drain.

On the other hand, an MFT system worth its price will allow you to check in and confirm the safe transfer of your important data from a variety of devices. In this day and age, there are plenty of software options that allow you to stay secure on the go, making waiting around a thing of the past.

However, are you still skeptical about the safety of data transfer via mobile? A good solution will, again, tell you everything you need to know. On top of encrypting your data, it will display all web activity and reject suspicious IP’s.


Set Your Business Free with MFT

Break the chains tethering you to the secure file transfer systems of yesteryear. Further, use analytics and reporting to tell you everything you need to know at a glance. Rest reassured that your data is safe and compliant. And most importantly, transfer and monitor your business’s essential information from anywhere you happen to be.