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New US Regulations Usher in Changes to Online Sports Betting

Like many other business owners, perhaps you enjoy sports betting on occasion. If so, the following article could be of interest to you.

All eyes of those in the online casino and sports book industry are currently pointed squarely at the US. Thanks to a change in legislation, the federal government no longer has the authority to rule on the matter of online sports betting. This presents huge opportunities for just about everyone working in connection with online gambling.

For example, those operating sports books around the world are hoping to set up shop stateside and tap that potential multi-billion-dollar emerging market. Meanwhile, players themselves will finally be able to take a punt of their favorite sports teams once again. Perhaps the most often overlooked group hoping to profit from such a legislative change, however, is the casino affiliate.

States Can Now Decide Whether to Offer Sports Betting Services

Earlier this year, the US Supreme Court amended existing legislation governing the operation of sports books. The 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) had previously stated that the federal government should decide on the matter of sports betting.

However, in May the Court found this to be unconstitutional. Consequently, PASPA has since been repealed. Several states, including New Jersey and Delaware, have already been busy drafting their own legislation. These new laws will allow residents to place wagers on sporting events. Moreover, as many as 32 other states are expected to follow suit over the next five years. Naturally, this presents a huge opportunity for many firms and individuals working in the industry.

Casino Affiliates Can Cash in on PASPA Repeal

Along with sports book operators, casino affiliates such as No Deposit Rewards are eyeing the new markets with optimism. Moreover, in such a competitive industry, advertising is all important.

Casino affiliates therefore provide a much-needed service to the sports betting and casino industry. They create carefully back-linked reviews, guides, and other relevant articles. Therefore, they can make or break both new and established sites. In turn, they receive a percentage of the deposits from players who sign up through one of the links they host.

European Affiliates Stand at a Competitive Advantage

Most of Europe is more than a little welcoming to sports betting. Therefore, many casino affiliates there have managed to hone their craft over the years. In short, they already provide ruthlessly efficient affiliate services. Moreover, they have cut their teeth in European markets. Consequently, they have all the necessary know-how to seriously milk the emerging US market as it slowly becomes regulated. A look at some facts and figures shows just how effective some already are at advertising the services of gambling operators.

One Russian Affiliate Is Already in Full Swing

One affiliate targeting the European market from Russia claims to be able to generate as much $2 million each year. Paruyr Shahbazyan operates a vast network of affiliate sites. His main site is called Bookmaker Ratings. It has pages facing Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, and the UK.

Of course, running such an empire isn’t cheap. For example, Shahbazyan estimates that his collection of affiliate pages has overheads of around $700,000. Such a figure might sound crazy for running a few websites. However, when you consider it versus his overall takings, he’s left with a tidy $1.3 million in profits!


The markets that are open to Shahbazyan at present are estimated to be worth a huge $6.9 billion by 2020. If the Russian entrepreneur decides to target the US, he’ll be able to access a market that’s expected to be worth a staggering $67 billion eventually.

Well-Run Affiliate Networks Will Be Winners in This Game

Meanwhile, another affiliate claims his poker website empire rakes in as much as $500,000 each month. It is difficult to assess just how much of this is profit or if the claims have been embellished for dramatic effect. However, we have no doubt that a professionally run affiliate network can seriously rake in the cash.

With such established players in the sports book and casino affiliate game already, it will be difficult for US-based affiliates to compete. For example, Shahbazyan and other like him have immense capital at their disposal. Moreover, they also have a firm grasp on what works and what doesn’t in terms of creating advertorials for various gambling operators.

Such experience, combined with the cash flow needed to rapidly expand into the US market, will make it tough for any affiliate hoping to tap the massive expected market alongside the big names.

European Affiliates Already Adept at Targeting Different Legislative Approaches to Online Sports Betting

One thing that the PASPA repeal means is that each state will have to carve its own approach to casino regulation. This means that there are potentially 50 different sets of rules that affiliates will need to be familiar with. Fortunately for those affiliates already targeting the European market, such a diverse legal landscape is nothing new.

There just so happen to be 50 European countries. It’s true that they share some legislation handed down from the EU. However, in terms of specific gambling rules, each is different. In fact, once up-to-speed with the varying US regulations, the European casino affiliates will likely find it even easier to get a competitive foothold in the US market. This is because every state in the US speaks English. Compare this to Europe where there are around 25 different languages. To successfully target the entire European continent requires as many as 24 different writers and content creators. Meanwhile, to target the potentially larger US market, it could be possible to do it with just one.

A Final Word

The above factors combined mean that European affiliate service providers are hungrily eyeing the developments of each state legislature in terms of their approaches towards the PASPA repeal. After all, the opportunity to access a multi-billion-dollar market doesn’t come around often. And it is certainly not to be sniffed at!