Start Your Own Home-Based Telephone Answering Service

Photo by picjumbo.com from Pexels

Are you looking at setting up an easy-to-run business from home with very little start-up money? Then consider starting one of the most lucrative and in-demand businesses: a home-based telephone answering service.

A home-based business such as this is relatively inexpensive to get going. What’s more, you can operate it easily from a spare bedroom or home office in your own home. Therefore, you’ll have no expensive overhead for renting office space outside of your home.

Do you have a telephone line and Internet service at home? If so, you can easily install call answering software that uses a Windows-based platform. In most cases, you will not need to install a separate telephone line to use for your business. That’s because the software will tell you who the incoming call is from. Therefore, you will know how to answer the call.


Who Will My Customers Be?

Your call answering service can be a valuable tool for many people. For example, there are a growing number of solo entrepreneurs and sole traders who might not be able to answer every single incoming business call. It is important for their business to have a responsive call handling service. You could provide that point of contact when they are otherwise engaged. For example, they might need you to take their calls during a business meeting, or while they’re visiting clients. Further, they could need your services while they are traveling or otherwise unable to take phone calls.

Therefore, your home-based telephone answering service can be a real lifesaver to a lot of small businesses.  Many small business owners don’t have time to take incoming calls, yet those calls could represent the very lifeblood of their business. You can provide a reliable and affordable answering service that they will really value and appreciate.



The Human Touch

It is ironic that advances in technology have enabled you to set up a home-based service such as this. Automated call services and answerphones have left many customers frustrated. They miss being able to speak to a real human. They long for the days when their calls were acknowledged and handled by a real person. In a lot of cases, calls and messages have been lost in the system. Or people simply hang up because they don’t like speaking to a machine. That’s a lot of business lost right there!




Setting up Your Home-Based Call Answering Business

Whether you choose to set up your business from your home office or a spare bedroom, make sure that you set up your work space with a purpose. Don’t let your office become a dumping ground for laundry or household clutter. Such nuisances will distract you from your work. Therefore, keep your work area clutter-free.

Set up your work desk close to a window so you get plenty of natural light. Learn to give your eyes frequent breaks by looking out of the window and away from your computer screen. Keep your door closed during your working hours. If you have family at home, make it clear to them that you are not to be disturbed during your working hours. Emphasize the importance of having a quiet environment to receive and handle incoming calls.

A home-based call answering service can be a very rewarding and lucrative service to offer. What’s more, it’s easy to set up and start. Make it a point to look into this opportunity for having a low-cost home-based business.