Are you interested in a career in real estate? But you don’t know the first thing about getting started? Fear not. We talked with some experts in the field recently, and we have some advice for you. is a company of experienced real estate agents. They specialize in renting out short term, long term, holiday and festival rentals. With their long history and experience, they are often asked what it is like to work in their industry and how easy it is to get into.

Here’s what they told us:

When you’re in the real estate business, you will be someone who coordinates the sale, rental, or management of a residential or commercial property. Agents also determine the value of a property that’s going onto the market. Further, they ensure that their client receives proper payment for the property purchase or rental.




Start Wherever You Are in Life

A real estate career can be great for someone who is considering a career change. On the other hand, perhaps you are just finishing your education and looking at taking on your first job. Whatever your situation, there are some attractive benefits to working in real estate.

These benefits include:

  • There are no formal education requirements to enter this field.
  • Real estate agents have a lot of independence. They have the option to run daily operations any way they see fit.
  • Real estate agents experience a high level of job security. That’s because there is always a market for property.
  • Since most agents work off commissions, they control their income. Therefore, their sales efforts can be lucrative.



What Skills Do I Need to Work in Real Estate?

Like most jobs and career paths, there are certain skill sets that really help your ability to succeed as a real estate agent. Let’s look at some key essential skills that a good real estate agent needs to possess:

Interpersonal Skills

Being friendly, chatty, and able to effectively communicate and gain clients’ trust is vital for your success in this field.

Local Market Knowledge

To be able to sell and attract new property, estate agents need to be knowledgeable about the current state of the housing markets and rental levels.

Negotiation Skills

The most successful estate agents are able to negotiate good deals that help their clients to make maximum profit for their property.


Working as an estate agent can be quite taxing at times. This means that you need to maintain your patience and be confident in your actions to secure a sale or lease.



The people at have worked long and hard to build up trust and a good reputation with their clients. As evidence of this trust and their good reputation, they have been managing an extensive range of Edinburgh properties since 1985. They provide a one-stop shop for all local landlords and tenants.