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Dreaming of Starting a Beauty Business? 3 Simple Steps for You

Image Credit: Faylyne on Flickr

Starting up a new beauty business takes a lot of planning. However, it can be one of the most exciting and worthwhile businesses to start up.

While the tips we share here are aimed toward business owners in the UK, they apply as well in a general way to beauty business owners everywhere.

Let’s take a look at three simple steps that can help you with your business planning.


1. Make a Checklist of Your Important Tasks

As part of your setup for your beauty business you will need to create a to-do list of important tasks to complete before you start. Let’s look at some of the essential things you need on your list:

  • Your business plan: You will need a business plan to form the foundations of your beauty business. You will use this as a guide for your setup.
  • Choose a business name: You should choose an easy-to-remember name for your beauty business. Make sure that no one else is already trading under your chosen name. In the UK, you can do a business name check on the Companies House website.
  • Business finance: If you need to secure a loan for essential equipment or business premises, then you need to know how to get financing. Further, you will need to plan for paying it back.
  • Register your company: Don’t forget to register your beauty business in the UK with HMRC online as soon as you start trading. You can register as a sole trader or form a limited company to make it more formal.
  • Bank account: You will need to set up a business bank account in your company name. This will make it easier for you to keep your business and personal finances separate.
  • Business insurance: You will need to set up some insurance coverage that is appropriate for your needs.


2. Work Through Your Checklist

Once you have your checklist in place, you should take your time to work through each item systematically. Setting up a business takes time, especially when you’re dealing with all the official paperwork of  registering your beauty business.



This is probably the part of setting up your beauty business that will take you the longest. However, you need to make sure that you complete everything as required. In this way, you’ll be able to meet with your tax and other legal obligations.

You should also decide whether you are going to work independently or if you will hire staff. Also, will you work from a business premises such as a salon? Or will you offer your services through a mobile service?




3. Hire a Virtual Office Service

Setting up your beauty business and building up your client base takes a lot of time and effort. However, you don’t want to miss important incoming business calls while you’re focused on setting up your beauty business. What’s more, missing calls from potential customers is not good for your business, either.

All the same, you cannot always take phone calls when you are busy with getting your business started. And once you’ve gotten set up, you won’t be able to take calls when you’re working with customers.

This is where virtual office services can be useful. For example, consider turning to professional call answering services such as those offered by With an answer service, you can safely focus all of your attention on your clients. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that a team of friendly and experienced staff will be handling all of your incoming business phone calls. What’s more, your customers will never know that the person answering their call isn’t a member of your own team!



Follow these tips for setting up your beauty business, and you could soon have the business of your dreams.