Are you planning to open a business in 2018 or buy an existing one? If so, you’re going to need a support team. In other words, you’ll want to surround yourself with the best people possible.

Even if you plan to launch and operate your startup as a solopreneur, you’re going to need trusted advisors and support systems in place to help you along the way.

Take, for example, proven entrepreneurial and leadership tips for small-business owners in any industry. You’ll hear time and time again that success doesn’t come from trying to know everything or do everything yourself.

So start thinking now about the people you need on board to help you grow your business quickly. Identify people who can help you avoid mistakes and generate as much profit as possible. Read on for suggestions about essential members of your support team. Find out more about who you should be searching for.


Finance Guru

First up, one of the most important people you’ll need to help you on your entrepreneurial journey is a finance guru. After all, it’s almost impossible to get far in business if you’re not educated about money. If you don’t have someone on hand to help you keep track of finances, cut costs, increase profits, and prepare reports, you could find yourself struggling down the road.

It pays to appoint an internal chief financial officer, or to utilize an external financial advisor or accountant. You need someone who can help you stay up to date on the latest rules and regulations. This person, or persons, can help you especially during the startup phase of your business. That’s when you must keep a close eye on cash flow. You’ll also need to learn how to determine sales projections, understand profit-and-loss data, and so much more.

Therefore, look for a team member who is knowledgeable about relevant accounting and finance topics. Find someone who also understands the startup arena as well as the industry you’re in. Even better, look for an expert who understands your organization’s specific type of sales process, along with how this affects your income and your outgo.



Sales and Marketing Experts

To make enough money to keep your business afloat, it is also essential to use key sales and marketing strategies. You’ll want to focus on bringing in large numbers of new leads. Then you’re going to want to convert these leads into sales.

You must be able to build a strong brand presence. When you spend money on marketing initiatives, you’ll want to spend it wisely. Afterward, you’ll need to learn how to evaluate your results. The end result you’re going to be aiming for is building loyalty with customers and ensuring they buy again and again.

Having sales and marketing experts working for your business, either as external contractors or as in-house employees, will help you grow your startup more quickly. Plus, you’ll have better success each time you launch a new product or service, or target a new demographic.

Keep in mind that having effective salespeople around can also work wonders in other areas of your business. This is in addition to moving your organization’s wares.

For example, as an entrepreneur you always need to be selling something. You could be selling yourself as a CEO to investors. Or you could be selling your business to lenders when you request a loan. Additionally, you’ll want to sell your products or ideas to journalists. When it comes to building your staff, you’ll want to sell your organization to potential employees.

Sales experts can help you generate interest from relevant people. They will also help you to build strategic relationships and showcase yourself and your wares in the best light.


support team 2

Customer Service Extraordinaire

Another important part of running a business, particularly a startup, is providing excellent customer service.

You need to find a customer service crew who can answer people’s questions effectively the first time. A good customer service team will help to allay any fears customers have about buying from your business. Your support team can follow up with clients as part of after-sales support. Additionally, they can keep track of, and work to resolve, customer complaints as soon as possible.




Industry Stalwart

When you’re starting a business in an industry you haven’t worked in before, it will make the world of difference if you have someone in your team who is already an industry stalwart. Look for a person who is a veteran in the area you’ll be joining. Find someone who can help you with both daily operational processes and big-picture strategic thinking.

People who know a sector inside and out will help ensure you avoid “rookie mistakes.” Plus, they’ll have good ideas about which industry events are worth attending. They’ll know the types of clients you should be pitching to. Further, they can suggest ways you can cut costs and increase profits.


Build a Stellar Support Team and Enjoy Greater Success

If you build a support team such as the one suggested here, your new venture is sure to thrive.