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Outsourcing Customer Service: 7 Steps for Success

Outsourcing customer service makes sense for small as well as large businesses. Such a strategy can go a long way in helping you save time and money. However, it’s essential to choose the outsourcing right agency. Only in this way will you be able to count on superb personalized customer care around the clock, every day of the week.

This is important, as you know, because your customers are the backbone of your business. They determine its success or failure. Therefore, you should always invest in providing great customer service.


Specify Your Needs for Better Service

When you work with an outsourcing partner, you must specify what you want and expect from them. In this way, they will be able to integrate all the essential channels of communication. They might include mobile, landline, online, or all of these. Further, you’ll need to specify whether you need outbound from the company, inbound from the customer, or both (that is, omnichannel customer service). The decision is yours.

Examples of some reputable customer service outsourcing companies are Simplr (by Asurion), SupportNinja, Influx, Wrrrk, and others.

The services they provide are numerous. Depending upon your choices and the company you are working with, they could include real-time chat, website orders and queries, fax, managing and monitoring e-mails, call routing, or mobile SMS. In addition, they can provide automated callbacks and other services.


How Outsourcing Might Look for Your Company

An example is Simplr, which is not your typical call center. For example, they don’t handle calls, since the majority of customers these days communicate via email, contact form, or live chat. If a call should happen to come in, it is usually complex enough to warrant an in-house representative of your company to deal with the matter.

For more details, check out Simplr’s blog post, “Introducing Simplr: Customer service outsourcing made easy.”

Outsourcing customer service or setting up a call center might seem expensive. However, consider that the more you can delegate to a call center, the more time you have to spend on other areas of your business. And that includes working toward more profitability.

To give just one example, Simplr allows you to pay only $2.25 per resolution. What’s more, they will set up your account within a mere few hours. There may be lower-priced providers. However, those are probably not US-based. Therefore, if you prefer native English speakers, Simplr should be your outsourcing agency of choice. (And if you value your Yelp and other online reviews, this would be a wise move.)

At any rate, here are seven things to consider if you wish to provide excellent care for your customers, both before and after the sale. And keep in mind that these factors hold true whether your business is a startup or a large concern.


1. Determine Your Preferences for Outsourcing Customer Service

You probably already know the channels of communication your customers prefer. Use this knowledge to direct your outsourcing agency in how to set up your account.

Phone support is highly popular for some businesses. However, you can utilize other channels as well. For instance, consider relying upon your website’s contact page, chat bots, or the social media platform of your choice.


2. Establish Goals for Customer Care

Determine your key objectives. For example, is your aim customer acquisition and retention? Or do your customers need technical support?


3. Choose the Level of Customer Service You Need

You will learn a lot about your customers when you turn to outsourcing customer service. This is true whether you choose simple Tier 1 customer service inquiries or complex Tier 2 or 3 technical support. The agency will offer various levels of customer interactions and outcomes in any case.


4. Opt for Virtual or Physical

You can opt for virtual support that’s available from anywhere. Or you could choose a physical service with agents assembled in a typical call center setting. The choice is yours.

Most US-based agents work from home. However, others, such as in the Philippines, work from offices like the ones in the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga.



5. Hire the Best Customer Service Agents

When it comes to picking the best vendor for outsourcing customer service, always go for those that screen on aptitude as well as attitude. That’s because the quality of support depends upon the individual customer service agents.

Moreover, you should also keep your strategy in mind when selecting a vendor for outsourcing customer service. That’s because a call center that focuses on customer retention or sales is likely to deploy different staff than does a technical support center.




6. Know Your Competition

Try to find out about your competitors’ infrastructure. For example, what software do they use? What hardware?

Especially if they’ve been in business longer than you have, or they are more successful than you are, learn from them. Then try to equip your business as they equip theirs.


7. Facilitate Success

Find ways to engage with whomever is working for you. In this way, you can know that you are both working toward common goals. Make sure they can handle your customers’ questions and comments with the utmost professionalism. Motivate them by rewarding them for sales and other success markers.


It’s All About the Customer

While outsourcing customer service might involve technology, remember that it is not a technology strategy. On the contrary, it is a customer care strategy. Therefore, make sure the outsourcing agency you choose is always in a position to help your business by helping your customers.