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The success of running any business enterprise depends on keeping the costs low without compromising quality. The money you save directly translates to profit earned. For example, if you manage to save $800 on office supplies each month, your monthly profit margin gets a boost of $800.

For the sake of convenience, businesses often hire vendors to source their office supplies. The vendors buy the supplies from wholesale stores such as Costco. Then they sell them for a profit. Businesses do get a certain discount off the retail price with these arrangements. However, they can potentially save a whole lot more by buying online.

A lot of tech-savvy business owners now turn to the Internet for their supplies. This simple move allows them to eliminate the middleman. They can thus score huge discounts on regular office items. Features such as free shipping and easy returns also reinforce confidence in placing high-value orders.

In this article, we focus on three office supplies that your business needs regularly. These three are printer cartridges, envelopes, and business checks.




Business Checks

If you are still buying your checks from your bank, you are simply wasting money for no extra benefit.

People often suffer from the mistaken belief that it’s safer and cheaper to buy checks from banks. The reality is that most banks do not have the infrastructure to print checks. They simply outsource the checks to third-party vendors and sell them to customers for a profit.

Fortunately, a lot of these check printing firms are authorized to sell checks directly to customers online. However, when you’re buying checks online it’s important to stay safe. Therefore, always order only from reputable check printers.

One of the most trusted names a lot of business owners depend on is Checkomatic. Checkomatic business checks adhere to all security regulations. What’s more, the website features a great collection of Quickbooks checks, payroll checks, manual business checks, and personal check products.

Checkomatic is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating. Another Better Business Bureau A+ rated site is ChecksNextDay. Like their name suggests, when you order business checks from ChecksNextDay you get a standard 24-hour delivery at no extra cost.



Office Envelopes

To score maximum savings, it’s best to source envelopes from manufacturers. Stationery stores and supermarkets buy envelopes from distributors. They also have to factor in the expenses of maintaining a retail outlet.

However, when you buy envelopes from or any other envelope manufacturer’s website you automatically score a huge discount. Whether you’re purchasing security envelopes, window envelopes, or envelopes in fun colors, these websites offer rates that you will seldom find in supermarkets and stationery stores.

If you are currently sourcing your envelopes from an office supplies vendor, chances are the vendor company is buying them from an online envelope store much like Business Envelopes.


Printer Ink

Instead of buying printer cartridges from a stationery store, it always makes sense to source printer cartridges from dedicated printer ink online stores. These dedicated online stores sell brand new cartridges at good rates. Additionally, they also feature recycled cartridges at great discounts.

Recycled printer ink cartridges cut down the cost by half, and they are often covered by a warranty. These printer ink stores also sell third-party cartridges. These are cheaper than the branded cartridges sold by big companies like Hewlett-Packard.


The Bottom Line

Improve your business’s bottom line by going online to purchase the office supplies you regularly need.