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Is a lack of finances stopping you from starting your own business and living your dream life? It’s true that most business ventures require funding in the beginning. However, if you’re short on funds, you could find help from investors to turn your dream into a reality. Below, we offer several fresh ideas for finding potential investors for your startup.


Spruce up Your Social Media Profiles

Just about everyone is on social media these days. Some people like to spend time on one or more of these sites to meet new people, stay in touch with friends and family, and learn about new products. Others are more interested in jump-starting their business ideas.

You, too, can take advantage of social media platforms to promote your new business. They can give you opportunities to meet potential investors for your startup.

The key to drawing potential investors to your social media pages is creating unique, eye-catching profiles. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, AngelList, and Facebook are great places to meet people who might be interested in investing in your startup.



Attend Business Conferences

Experts in specific industries typically organize conferences. What’s more, these conferences are great places to learn just about everything there is to know about that particular industry.

Additionally, industry conferences offer great opportunities for entrepreneurs like you to meet other business owners. You’ll also have chances to meet potential investors, people who are looking to invest their money in other people’s businesses.

Business conferences often feature speakers who have successfully started their own successful businesses. Further, many of these individuals have been where you are now and are willing to share with you the secrets of their success. You just need to be willing to go out there and connect with them.

In the times between the speeches and workshops, you and the other attendees will have some time to mingle. These in-between times will be your best opportunities to speak with potential investors.

However, if you want your conference experience to be a good one, you’ll need to be ready for anything. Therefore, be sure to get the best credit cards in Malaysia—along with your passport—before you book your flight to your next business conference.


Take Advantage of SBA Programs

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was established in 1953 as an “independent agency of the federal government.” The agency provides business tips to individuals who are looking to start a business. It also offers programs that are specifically designed to bridge the gap between new business owners and investors.

To this end, certain small business investment companies, referred to as SBIC’s, are licensed by the SBA to provide funding to small businesses like yours. Contact an agent at the SBA to find out more about SBIC programs.


Look to Crowdfunding

Since the introduction of crowdfunding services, hundreds of people have been able to get funding for their startups. You could do the same.

These websites are made to order for individuals who want to pitch their business ideas and inventions to the public and potential investors.

Starting a crowdfunding campaign is pretty simple, but you do need to have a great idea and to be persuasive with your pitch. So find a suitable crowdfunding website, perfect your pitch, and enroll.




Potential Investors Are Just Right Around the Corner

Finding funding for starting a new business is definitely a challenging undertaking. However, if you won’t be satisfied with anything less than having your own business, you’d better be ready to embrace the challenges. In other words, buckle up and enjoy the ride!