Do you own a jewelry store, either online or in the brick-and-mortar world? If so, you might want to set aside this handy guide to give to your loyal customers.




Jewelry: A Cherished Accessory

Jewelry is often one of a woman’s most cherished accessories. Women like to flaunt their sparkling finery and dream of passing it onto future generations with pride.

Precious rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other fancy treasures often come with memories attached. This is especially true for proposal or wedding rings. What’s more, a ring is an ornament that many women wear every day. Other regalia are brought out only for special occasions.

Of course, we love our fine jewels. But do you know that along with love, your jewelry requires care and maintenance, too?

To keep your valuables bright and beautiful, you need to understand how to care for and protect them. Here are some tips for maintaining your precious possessions.


1. Avoid Light and Heat

Light and heat can affect the durability and color of both precious metals and fine gems. Just as the sun’s rays are harmful for our skin, similarly excess light and heat can fade or damage some gemstones. For instance, topaz, kunzite, and amethyst do not fare well with excessive heat and light.

Also, pearls left out in the sunlight will bleach. Conversely, gems such as amber can grow dark if exposed to too much light. What’s more, excessive heat or a sudden change in temperature can even spoil few gems. For example, pearls may dry out, discolor, or even crack under such conditions.


2. Keep Treasured Trinkets Away from Certain Chemicals

When some fine metals and precious gemstones come in contact with certain chemicals, they can easily become damaged or discolored. Keep in mind that there are chemicals in everyday products. For instance, hairspray, perfume, deodorants, lotion, and cosmetics can all be harmful to your rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Additionally, both chlorine and ammonia—frequently found in swimming pools and some household cleaners—can be harsh on your gems and the precious metals they’re mounted in.

Therefore, while you’re doing household chores or swimming in a pool, remove all your fine jewelry.


3.  Give It Regular Check-Ups

Even if there is no occasion, take your jewels out once in a while. Check to see if anything needs cleaning. When you notice any tarnishing or dullness, take necessary actions to clean or polish each piece.


4. Store Your Beautiful Baubles Properly

One common mistake is not storing valuable jewels properly. Not all jewelries can be stored in a single box. There is a specific way to store different types.

For example, precious metals should not be stored in a humid place. Humidity will tarnish them. If you happen to live in a humid place, take extra care of your jewelry.

While traveling, be sure to carry your expensive pieces in a properly padded pouch to avoid scratches and other damage.



5. Invest in an Ultrasonic Cleaner

For cleaning beloved baubles at home, invest in an ultrasonic cleaner. Many are available at low prices. But remember not all jewelry can be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners. Avoid using such cleansers on organic gemstones such as pearls, coral, or ivory. Nor should you use them for cleaning heat-treated gemstones. Additionally, you should never subject gems that are susceptible to heat—such as kunzite, opal, topaz, and turquoise—to ultrasonic waves.

For those pieces that you are unable to clean at home, look for professional cleaning at a nearby retail jewelry store. If you happen to be the owner of such an establishment, consider offering professional cleaning to your customers.



All of this just goes to say that if you take loving care of your cherished jewelry, you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come. And when the time comes for you to pass it down, your children and grandchildren will treasure it even more.