Investment is a funny old game. You could funnel money into one product only to find it’s obsolete long before it lands on store shelves. Or you could place a pittance into the research of a brand and watch it take off like a rocket to Pluto. You’re spinning a roulette wheel every time you write a check. But sometimes your gamble pays off. And when it does, you could enjoy more cash than you might imagine.

Just look at the people who invested in Amazon. Founded in 1994, the Internet was barely a germ of an idea. Yet founder Jeff Bezos had the confidence to pioneer a web-based delivery service. Now a multi-billion dollar enterprise, those initial investors make thousands every second.




An industry gaining traction right now is in health and fitness. Yes, health-based industries are rife with investment opportunities. So are you looking for ways to fund your startup idea or expand your existing business? Then you should check out our list to find out a few of our hot tips.



The population is becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of keeping fit. As a result, gym memberships have soared within the past decade.

More than this, gyms have become more affordable to the general public. Companies like Pure Gym have figured out how to operate gyms that require little outlay compared to their more expensive counterparts. For one thing, they’ve dispensed with the need for lots of staff members. One of the reasons is that they trust members to stay hygienic and be respectful of one another.

The total number of gym memberships in the UK stands at 9.7 million. What’s more, it looks like it’ll continue to grow. So this is the perfect opportunity for this health-based investment.


Big Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest in the world. Every day, their researchers are searching for solutions to fight the opioid crisis. Or they’re looking for new synthetics to treat heretofore intractable diseases. Others are researching the cure for cancer.

Coming up with new pharmaceutical breakthroughs is an expensive proposition. Therefore, these health-based companies, especially the smaller ones, are continuously looking for new investors. A good option for the small investor, moreover, could be to purchase shares in a pharmaceutical company that looks primed for success.

Companies such as GSK have been around for awhile. However, they are still prime candidates on the stock market. So look into their portfolio for more details.



Natural Skincare

Consumers are increasingly interested in seeing the phrases “organic” and “natural” on their purchases. And, as such, organic skincare solutions like Kijani Living have been growing by leaps and bounds in the marketplace.

These products can boast of being healthy for skin. That’s because, among other reasons, they are generally alcohol- and perfume-free. As such, they appeal to consumers who have a little bit of extra cash in their purses. It goes without saying that some view these health-based products as luxury items.

But these are luxuries that many increasingly view as necessities. Therefore, a company like this one could be ideal for investment.

That’s our list of health-based businesses and sectors you could invest in. Can you think of any more?