Image Credit: Alden Chadwick on Flickr

Most salon and spa owners run their salons with a handy appointment book. This they fill with booked visits, client contact information, and daily revenue.

However, as your business expands, more clients will come for your services. In time, that paper appointment book you rely on won’t be able to handle everything you need to capture in it.

What should you do? The solution is simple. Turn to a handy and stylish electronic appointment book.


Is It Time to Change?

The best time to switch over from your paper appointment book to a digital one is before you plan on expanding your business. Are you considering having retail and back bar products, bringing in new clients, or creating marketing campaigns? If so, now is the right time.

With the right booking system you will be able to do everything you need to do to manage your business. This includes the tedious tasks such as inventory management and gathering and storing client information. What’s more, it will also aid you in creating amazing marketing campaigns. Plus, it will automatically update your business statistics.




What Should You Look For?

You should look for an intuitive electronic booking system with loads of great features. You’ll want one that does more than simply book appointments. Therefore, look for a user-friendly system with tools to reduce no-shows, bring in new clients, store customer records, create detailed and up-to-date statistics, and help manage your staff.


When Should You Switch?

Many salon owners enjoy the nostalgic feeling of owning a paper book. They appreciate the leather binding and the pages filled with quick notes.

However, as your salon expands, so does your pile of tasks. Your paper calendar can no longer keep up. Activities such as maintaining stock levels, sending appointment reminders, and storing customer information can quickly become a nightmare.

Therefore, if you plan on growing your salon, as well as introducing products and bringing on more clients, you really should make the switch right away.



How Should You Implement the New Solution in Your Salon?

Start by building a customer database. This will come in handy for marketing campaigns and overall client data management. Next, add products you sell and use to the system. This will allow for accurate statistics generating, as well as for comparing and compiling sales reports.

Additionally, make use of the system’s staff management functions. Create work time reports and individual commission rates. You can also use the system to manage tips. Then all the reports you need will be available whenever you need them.


Go with a Dedicated Solution

There are many systems out on the market. However, you want the one that will serve you best. You want the solution that is dedicated to solving the needs of hair and beauty professionals.

Therefore, for an appointment book that is both easy to use and has great functionality, try Versum. Empower your business. Manage bookings, staff, statistics and more with the easiest solution. Start using for free today.