How a VIN Check Will Get You a Better Price on a Used BMW

Are you thinking about buying a company vehicle for your business? If so, be sure to do a VIN check before you complete your purchase. A VIN check, if you don’t know, means that you’ve looked into the history of the VIN, or vehicle identification number, of the car you’re considering buying. A VIN is like a car’s fingerprint, and you can therefore find out a lot about a vehicle by doing a VIN check.




What Kind of Car Will You Buy?

You’ll also need to consider the make and model of the car that would serve your business best.

BMW automobiles are one of the most prestigious cars in the world. Each one is made of high-quality steel. And the engines are powerful. However, the price for each new vehicle is high.

Because of its high price, people often decide to acquire a used BMW. If the car’s previous owners drove it with care, a used BMW can be a smart purchase. But how can you be sure that the previous owners took care of routine maintenance? How can you be certain that the car you’re considering wasn’t involved in a major accident?

In order to learn the actual condition of a used vehicle, buyers should obtain a VIN report. Therefore, if you want to do a VIN check on a used BMW, go to This link will take you to a reliable online VIN lookup service.


The Benefits of Doing a Basic VIN Check for Free

VIN check

Here is what you can get for free at the link shown above:

  • The Actual Producer of the Car

Sellers on secondary markets often tune up and remake older, less expensive models look like newer, more prestigious models. However, if you’re buying a car for your business, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting.

  • The True Year of Manufacture

Don’t just blindly trust the year that’s indicated in the car’s technical documents. The reality can be quite different. Sellers often create false documents to minimize the age of the car.

  • The Country of Origin

The BMW Group manufactures cars in different countries. However, for highest quality, it is always better to get BMW cars that are manufactured in Germany.



The Benefits of Doing a Full VIN Check

Basic data, as shown in the list just above, is free of charge. However, the only way to get complete information about a used BMW is to get a full VIN report. With a full VIN report you’ll get a lot more information. For example, you will learn not only the information you can get for free but also:

  • The Engine Type

Different BMW’s have different engine types. Make sure you get complete information about the engine in the car you’re considering.

  • The Transmission Type

Different types of transmissions require different kinds of maintenance. A full VIN check will provide you with complete information about the transmission in the car you’re considering.

  • The Car’s Accident History

BMW is a safe car. However, not all drivers are safe drivers. And accidents will happen with BMW’s, too. Before you decide to buy a used BMW, make sure you know its accident history.

  • The Ownership Report

The ownership report will tell you about the car’s previous owners. This is particularly important because you can also check the identities of former owners.

  • Information About Any Liens

If there are any unpaid liens against the car when you purchase it, you could end up being liable for it.


Get All the Facts

Obtaining complete information about your purchase will cost you only a moderate amount. What’s more, armed with this information, you will be able to negotiate a better deal for your new (used) company car.