Trustify Founders Bring Lofty Aims to Surveillance Work

The surveillance company Trustify relies upon a highly evolved technology platform. With it, the company connects clients across the United States to a nationwide network of vetted and well trained private investigators.


Company Founders Strive to Be a Light in the Darkness

What’s more, the founders of Trustify strive to be a light in the darkness. They work diligently to illuminate what they see as a dark world. Further, they view their mission as being arbiters of truth. They aim to lead by example.

To that end, they promote authenticity and vulnerability on social media. They see the Internet and all its current manifestations as having the potential to lead to positive social change. Their purpose is to bring more trust to the world through the work they do.

Further, their ultimate vision is that humanity will use technology to achieve positive goals. For example, the company’s CEO, Danny Boice, has said that many people “perceive the Internet and its underlying technology as a source of growth, riches, and innovation.” However, he goes on to say, “We consistently miss that the web is whatever we make it.”

In other words, according to Boice, it is up to human beings themselves to bring vulnerability and authenticity to the entire Internet, including social media.

This radical shift in the way the Internet is currently being utilized would facilitate a human experience that is transparent and truthful. More importantly, however, such an environment would bring about safer human connections.



How Can Trustify Help Your Business?

Field agents at Trustify bring these lofty aims to the down-to-earth work they do. Their work includes:

Surveillance and Monitoring

Trustify investigators will discreetly monitor people, places, and things. Their surveillance will collect the information and evidence you need. What’s more, they rely on digital tools, including GPS.

Political Research

Additionally, Trustify will investigate or vet campaigns for you. In this vein, they will monitor candidates, donors, and organizations. Moreover, they will do so with the utmost discretion.

Corporate Intelligence

Trustify’s experienced investigators will examine your competitors for you. Further, you can hire them to investigate employees and even customers as needed.

Background Checks

Are you hiring an employee for a sensitive position in your company? The investigators at Trustify will do a thorough background check. What’s more, their investigation will often uncover information about your candidate that other firms might miss.

Financial Investigations

Trustify will examine the financial flows in your business. When they do, they will sometimes uncover hidden assets or reveal illicit activity.

Loss and Theft Investigations

Do you suspect one or more of your employees of taking money from the till? Have expensive tools and supplies been disappearing from your workplace? Let Trustify investigators get to the root of the problem.

Workplace Investigations

Trustify investigators will thoroughly investigate your workplace incidents. To this end, they will interview employees about the probable causes. Moreover, they will look into the issues that may have led to the event.

For example, if an accident should happen in your workplace, you would want to ensure that the same thing wouldn’t happen again. A thorough investigation can arm you with the knowledge you need to take preventive steps.

Locating Missing People and Property

State-of-the-art databases and trained operatives can help you to locate expensive equipment that has disappeared from your workplace. Obviously, having that equipment returned to its rightful location can save your company money.





So if you must investigate a workplace incident or locate missing equipment, get in touch with Trustify. Further, if you need a background check on a prospective employee, call on the experienced investigators at Trustify. What’s more, know that you can count on them to do the job discreetly and effectively, no matter what it is you need them to do.


About the Author

Danny Boice, the CEO of Trustify, is an abuse survivor. As such, he is intimately familiar with the truth, trust, and safety challenges that clients bring to Trustify.