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Tips for Marketing Digitally in an International Market

The days of selling only in your own country have pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. Gone are the limitations of national boundaries. Welcome are the endless opportunities of the international market.

However, before we jump the gun, we need to recognize that not all marketing opportunities are created equal. In fact, each international market that you are considering entering carries with it an enormous amount of unique information specific to that region.

If you have ever traveled abroad, you have undoubtedly encountered the many differences between the country you visited and your home country. From food to music to the tiny intricacies of language, it is all very different from what you are used to.

That being said, these differences shouldn’t be viewed as a hindrance. Instead, consider them opportunities to get ahead of your competition. Below you will find three tips for marketing digitally in an international market.




1. Market Like a Local

Understanding the local culture you are trying to reach will pay off in spades if you put in the legwork. Consider going on a site like Upwork or Freelancer to find someone in the country you are considering entering.

Take time to ask them questions about their culture, local traditions, and any other information that might be useful. It might seem like you’re spending a lot of cash. However, it will give you a high ROI.


2. Translate Everything

You can probably imagine that translating your content to the target country’s language is pretty high up on the to-do list. That being said, be sure that your translator has intimate knowledge of the country you intend to enter.

Having that inside knowledge will give you greater insight as to how to best target your marketing efforts. If you fail to provide this step the attention it needs, you could end up with an international disaster.



3. No Two Markets Are the Same

Thinking of selling winter coats in Ecuador? Of course not. That wouldn’t make any sense at all. The same is true for whatever you are marketing digitally. You need to know what sells well in the international market you are targeting. Some countries will sell one product at disproportionately higher rates than another country.

Learn what works in the country you want to market your product in. Then assess if your product will realistically sell. You wouldn’t want to invest time and effort in creating an app without first researching the best language for android app development, for instance.

The same is true for entering a new international market. You want to look into every possible aspect of the country you are entering to learn where the opportunities lie.



Taking advantage of new international markets is the logical step for any business out there. And now the possibilities are endless thanks to the power of the Internet.

As with any business venture, knowing your audience is the first step in establishing a connection. Establish enough connections, and you will soon see your sales grow on a global level. You will have truly entered the international market.